Thursday, September 24, 2009


It was a busy day yesterday. We traveled and visited the moms. Vincent & ; I are fortunate to have both our mothers living in the same town . It was also my sisters 49th birthday. I rose early and prepared a big pot of chicken and noodles with homemade rolls for them. And of course I had to make my sister a chocolate layered desert for her birthday cake.

I hail from a small town in Oklahoma which at the moment has 500 people if its lucky... Yet it is nice to go to a quieter place from time to time. My mother still lives there and will more than likely til the day she passes. She still does not know how to drive a car and spends much of her time crocheting or working on a puzzle. She still enjoys cooking yet doesn't do it as much as she used to... She would probably kill me if she knew that I had put a picture of her on the internet as she knows very little of it and does not like her picture taken anyway.. Yet, I was kind and choose one that did not exactly show her completely even though the chances of her ever seeing this are small.....

My sister lives with my mom and always has. It is funny to watch the dynamic between the two of them... But they manage. Likewise she does not drive either. Yet as I said before they do manage. My sister has several medical issues which she was born with, yet over the last few years I have learned what a fighter she truly is. She recently ruptured her spleen for no reason and we almost lost her. She was quite the trooper in the hospital and honestly I am not sure if I could have been so cordial and assisting as she was despite the pain and discomfort she was in. She turns the ripe old age of 49 today... Funny but when she was born we were told that we would be lucky if she lived past the age of 2... We have always said that she will more than likely outlive all of us...

And lastly is Katie, Vincent's mother. She is a spunky woman herself who has gone through alot in the last few years. Before her medical issues I think she could have kicked anyone’s butt a time or two, yet a few years ago she suffered an aneurism of the brain and it set her back a bit, yet in time she was close to her old self again, only to take a bad fall a few weeks ago and break her pelvic bone and shoulder. Because of her age and frailness they did not do surgery and once again she is on the mend. Yet she is proving once again that she is a fighter and will more than likely overcome this also. She has come home from the hospital and with the help of daily physical therapy and friends and family she is managing. A home atmosphere is always better than a hospital. I truly think it is her spunk that keeps her coming back. She also beat breast cancer earlier in her life, so it is hard to think anything will be strong enough to bring her down. At least without one hell of a fight.

The trip up to see our family is a little over 2 hours each way.. A long trip yes, but well worth it... Family is a cherished thing... especially when they get older... Don't miss out on the wonderful memories still to be had... Blessings...

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  1. Spending the weekend with my cousin - I LOVE family!