Monday, September 28, 2009

Everyone loves a Fair

This last weekend Vincent and  I went to the State Fair. I think we all have memories of going to the fair, whether it is a simple county fair or the large state fair. Funnel cakes the size of a dinner plate with so much powdered sugar on top that when you are finished you resemble Casper the ghost: Foot Long corndogs that for some reason you would never eat yet here outside at the fair it just taste so good: And the Roasted Corn on the Cob dipped in butter, the most natural fair food I think was ever created. Of course there are your multitude of deep fried items, which I have to say I think is getting completely out of hand. Deep fried mashed potatoes with bacon, deep fried peaches, deep fried Twinkies, deep fried snicker bars, and deep fried pickles to just name a few. Although I will say that a deep fried pickle is not that bad. Guess you can tell that the biggest thing to draw me to the fair is its food selection.... What can I say... I like it... and once a year, can't see that it will hurt too much.

Besides eating we had a wonderful day at the fair. The weather was perfect so of course we rode the Harley, which was great as we were able to have no problem with parking. One of the perks with motorcycles; you are almost always guaranteed a good parking spot. I do not think we could have picked a day with more perfect weather to go. Of course I had to go see the animals yet since we went towards the end of the fair, many of the animals were no longer there. We did however manage to see the goats. I love these animals and would love to have a few of them roaming my yard. They have such a calming face.

We also went and looked at many of the exhibits. I love the 4-H exhibits. I am amazed at how much work some of the kids put into their efforts. There was everything from Vegetables, to crafts, to cooking and more. We never did find the building with the regular fair entries. You know the ones with the homemade bread and such and all the wonderful crafts. Maybe we should have gone searching for that "before" we decided to go and taste the Oklahoma wines. Which may I say are quite good! There were many I was unaware of myself and am looking forward to trying again soon.

All in all it was an enjoyable day. As I said earlier I have fond memories of the fair although I do believe it is not as it used to be. One of the things I noticed was the commercialization. At least 3 of the buildings we went through were just vendors trying to sell their wares. Of course some of these were interesting yet the fact that I went through 3 of these areas and could never find the craft/baked goods sort of saddened me. I guess it is just a sign that times are a changing.... At least I had my roasted corn and brat with kraut... all was not lost...

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