Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shot.... or No Shot..... That is the Question

It seems one of the questions on everyone's mind these days is Do I get the H1N1 shot or not.  One can turn on the TV at any given time and the chances of seeing something in regards to this discussion can be found.  It is on the internet, the newspapers, magazines, and the common subject in most local places where people tend to hang out. 

Although I understand that it can become quite serious in some cases, the  overall risk is not as drastic... Most people who have gotten the strain have endured their allotted time and eventually recovered with no problems.  Yet the media still prefers to focus on the cases that are much more serious. 

It is a scary thing... knowing there is a flu bug out there that reallly we do not know much about... Because of its severity and quickness to spread we were forced to create a vacine in record time.  The one problem with this vacine is just that... that it was created in record time... thus not giving ample time for the normal testing that is done to verify that it is a safe vacine... No trials over a period of time will have been run to check for after effects...Yet still it is brought to us to be sold as a needed necessity if we want to combat this new strain of "killer flu". 

Yesterday, the health care system of New York announced that they wanted to make it mandatory for its workers to get the vacination.  If workers did not comply by mid November, they would forfeit their jobs.  I can understand both sides of this issue, however I can not support being forced to put something into ones body that has not been amply tested.  Even further still, if it were tested, I can not support such a thing.  What is this world coming too if we allow government, employers, etc to tell us what we will do or not do.  We can already see this in such things as employers forcing employees to stop smoking or loose their jobs.  as well as others...

As for me..... I don't live in New York, thank goodness, so I don't have to worry about my employment... as I would have to refuse their demand.  It is one of those areas where you have to look at all that is involved and pick the one that is the most important in the long run....

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