Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chicken Pot Pie - Yum

Learning to cook for 2 has become a bit of a challenge for me.  And anyone who knows me knows I love a good challenge.  A cooking challenge is probably the best.  I have always loved making up new recipes... Truly they aren't recipes as I don't write them down, I just remember them. 
This one is a simple as pie.... Chicken Pot Pie to be exact.

This is one of Vincent's favorite things to eat however I refuse to buy the store bought ones as they are either way too expensive or the sodium level is enough to kill a cow.  I have been promising to create my own for some time now.  Well I have finally done it.  The simplicity of it was so that I almost feel guilty I haven't done it sooner. 
I simply made a medium size pot of chicken soup.  I thickened it with some rue to give it a nice thick consistency.

Greased the crock bowl; whipped up some pie crust; Cut a circle of crust for the bottom layer; Spooned in the soup; Covered with another circle of pie crust  and egg wash; bake at 350 for about 45 minutes to 60 or until the crust was nice and brown.  Of course I cut out some crust leaves to decorate it a bit on the top. And there you have it... Easy, healthy, and they are delicious and perfect for one.  Much healthier than any store bought pie and way cheaper... By the way you can also do the same thing with left over soup...It is one way I can trick Vincent into eating the leftovers... Enjoy

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