Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Costumes Have Been Choosen

While I was visiting the grandkids, I was lucky enough to help out in the choosing of the costumes for this Halloween... First I was amazed at the variety of Halloween Costumes in this day and age.  When I was a child.... oh yea I said I was not going to tell those old people stories (hee hee)
Anyway... my granddaughter had her heart set on being a Bee, yet decided on a lady bug when seeing this costume.  I think she looks better in red myself.  Plus Lady bugs are good luck. I really think it was all about the leggings.  She shoul have lived in the 70's
My grandson on the other hand... Had to be some form of monster.  That is after we convinced him that he really did not want to be a car.  Kachoow....
He choose the massive T-Rex.  Which seems only fitting as his nickname is B-Rex.  I love that when he turns sideways you can't see his face and he really looks like a dinosaur... if only this blog had sound effects....


  1. Oooooh - scary dinosaur! And lovely ladybug!

  2. Awesome!!!! I try to imagine how he sounds making "Aarrrggghhhh!" :]