Friday, October 9, 2009

Grilled Chicken with the trimmings

It seems that as the weather gets cooler we tend to want to start cooking large pots of soup and warm our kitchen while baking fresh bread.  Well at least that is something I like to do.. Although I have already done just that, I also enjoy grilling in the cooler weather... There is something about standing around a fire, even if it is inside my grill and is powered by propane instead of a pile of logs. 
In my quest for the proper chicken, not too fatty, no antibiotics & steroids, etc... Short of raising the hens myself, I think I have finally found one that will suit me.  To be honest this organic or grain fed chickens meat seems to me to be much better.  Even though the size is not as big the flavor and overall appearance reminds me of the chickens my grandma used to kill in her chicken yard.  I would marvel at the way that woman could grab a chicken and with one swoop of her arm pop his head off.  And if that did not work, she always  had her trusty hatchet.  It sounds morbid I know but they are fond memories I have of my grandma... And I always smile when I think of them... Miss you grandma... :-)

I like to cover my chicken well with olive oil and seasonings a bit before I plan to grill.  This allows the seasonings to get into the meat.  The olive oil also helps the meat to not stick as much when placed initially on the hot surface.  You do need to be careful though when first placing the meat on the grill as  the excess oils can sometimes flare up if they come in contact with a direct flame...
Initially I place the meat on a hot grill around 400 to 500 and sear it good turning it often as to not all allow it to burn.  When this is done I turn the burners down to medium and continue cooking.  If the

appearance is nice, I will transfer the meat to the holding rack above to continue cooking.  All in all this is a very quick process and only takes about 10 to 15 minutes at the most.  I do not consider myself an expert griller, yet I would say the most important key to good grilling is to not overcook your food.  This allows the foods natural juices to remain inside giving it a nice moist taste when you finally do eat it.  I myself cook this with an open lid yet at times if all the meat is on the top rack I may close the lid for a brief time to cook it slightly more. 

All in all the secret.... Grilling is not just for summer... It is a nice change in the cooler months and even in winter when you are stuck indoors, thinking of the spring or summer to come...


  1. Gorgeous grilled chicken!! And I love the memory of your grandma...I think it's a fond memory, for sure!! Funny the things we carry with us...the things that bring a smile to our hearts :D

  2. I firmly believe in grilling year round! Well...almost. We had quite a bit of snow last year and I got tired of shoveling a path to the BBQ. I really need an indoor grill like you!