Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look at These Beautys

Recently Vincent helped his daughter and her husband move out of their home. Have I ever said that Vincent is a Master mover.. If I could pawn him out and make money on it I would be rich... He is good at it. Anyway, with moving you realize all the extras you have that well you just dont know what to do with.

Well these extras were my gain. Anna was kind enough to give me the 2 beautiful pumpkins she had sitting on her front porch (the flat orange one & the green & orange one) as well as a beautiful large purple mum. Of course purple is my favorite color. I was so excited when they drove up with the little beauties.

I am planning on saving the seeds from all my wonderful pumpkins this year and planting them for myself next year. With the many varieties (5 to be exact) I have accumulated I should be able to have a wonderful variety myself next Autumn. Who knows I may even be able to share the wealth. I am all for saving a penny and seeing that I paid $8.00 for my big Orange one and she paid $20.00 for hers.. I think I am coming out ahead... Just wanted to share ... Enjoy your Wednesday.....


  1. Nice pumpkin haul and gorgeous mums!

  2. Good idea to do the seeding :) they look really pretty as also the flowers.