Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Naughty Naughty Keifer

You know those crane games... The ones that cost an arm and a leg to get a tiny prize that costs maybe 25 cents.  Well I love them.... It is a favorite of  Vincent's also.... So whenever we have the opportunity (especially with the grandkids) we attempt to get our prize.  As always I have my ample supply of quarters in hand for several attempts.  Unfortunately my own kids (now grown) can attest that this has been something I have been addicted to for some time... (it is my closet secret).

Anyhow, last week while visiting a local hamburger joint we spied the huge crane machine and of course had to attempt it... We were lucky enough to get 3 prizes in all.  Two of them at once... Needless to say the kids were excited.. As Kylie received her Purple Bear with Orange accents and Brexton his Yellow Bear as well as Keifer.... I immediately fell in love with Keifer... His name alone was perfect "Naughty Naughty Keifer"  His little teeth and strange shaped body.... Brexton said I could have him.  Although I really expected him to renig on his gift before we went home.  But when I told him that I would take him home and he would stay on my bed always... He did not budge.  So Keifer came home with me.... I have sat him back in the spare bedroom.... Come to find out there are several other naughty naughty pets.... Hedley the chicken, Killer Kiwi the devil cat, Blue Burt the Budgie, and so many more... If you like a slightly warped sense of humor or just a good laugh head over their web site... Its a hoot... Naughty Naughty Pets.  And thank you Brexton for your gift.... I simply love it...

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