Monday, October 12, 2009

Playing in Tennessee

What can I say... I was given another chance to see my grandkids before the year was out and I jumped on it.  Even better Vincent is going to come with me.  We decided to drive once again.  It is an 11 hour trip yet the scenery is sure to prove itself well worth it during this time of year.  I will for sure have my camera in hand and ready for any photographic opportunities that may arise and you can rest assure I will post them when I return.
I have been looking for all sorts of activities to occupy our time while we are visiting... However I am sure that much of the time will be spent with just simple play time.... Baking cookies.... carving pumpkins... ready stories.... and lots and lots of hugs and kisses.  While I am gone though not to fret.  I have made sure that there will be lots to read.  I have scheduled some recipes of my favorites, additions to my ongoing story over at Mother Moons Message and some unseen photos on The Picture As Janie Sees It.  So be sure and check them out.  And be ready... I am sure I will bring lots of new stories and photos when I return...

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