Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunny and the Egret

I know I have told you many stories about Sunny my neutered tom cat the great bird killer.  Well he has recently become a bit more gutsy with his attempts.  Recently we have had an egret visit our pond on occasion to feast on the small frogs and tadpools that can be found.  Sunny has gotten into his mind that he is going to catch the grand daddy of all birds... "The great Egret"

The funny thing is to watch him as he stalks the bird repeatedly around the pond.  Crouching down in a manner that leads me to believe he truly thinks he is stalking this bird.   He has gotten fairly close to it at times.  However I think the bird is just playing with him.  If Sunny does manage to get close to him, he just walks a bit out into the water, as he knows Sunny would not even think of venturing out into it; even if it meant he could have a feast to match no other.  Yet I guess as any male ego, Sunny is getting a boost on his. 

And it is nothing but good entertainment for myself to sit and watch his valent attempts.  Maybe with perserverance and fortitude he will eventually accomplish his attempts, yet truly I think the bird is only messing with his mind.  It has to be a female, as only a female would continually taunt in such a manner.  However there are times when he does get his courage up and attempts one of those familiar leaps in the air hoping to spring on his prey in surprise and have all that he dreams of. 
Yet alas, he still comes up empty handed and ready to try again another day.  Ah, my Sunny.... I just have to love the old lug.


  1. LOL - cats really do think that they can do anything! And catch anything. You should see the way my cats stalk the deer outside the window. Their tails flick the same way as when they spot a bird! I don't know how they think they would take down a deer! I'm not letting them outside to find out though!

  2. LOL that is hilarious!

    I have a tom cat as well, and while he wont catch a mouse, he chases a hound dog puppy that belongs to the neighbors all over the place.

    I love cats lol..

  3. they can be so comical... Ours have been staying in the garage at night, as they were house cats first.. well now when it is the least nasty outside they come to the back door and whine until we let them back into the garage.. I have a feeling they will be spending a lot of time in the garage this winter... The pussys....

  4. Good heavens, he looks like a cougar!

    I did have a little ol' neutered tom who came across a CHICKEN and jumped on it...rode it all up and down the alley before slipping off...kept jumping up and the chicken would eventually just make him slither off...he was SO proud of himself later, despite not getting any chicken dinner and getting pecked to boot.

  5. What a great story and how nice to finally see the often discussed pond and cat and egret.

    Oh it is game playing alright and I am sure the egret will be female. Reminds me of my teen years lol.

    Oh and to have the egret around again Janie does not surprise me considering your latest writings.