Monday, October 19, 2009

What I Did Before I Went To Tennessee

Ok many of you think that last week was filled with nothing more than a trip to Tennessee to play endlessly with my grandkids.  Well Tuesday thru Sunday was just that, yet Monday night was filled with something much more fun and something that was just for me.  Although Vincent did go along with me.. :-)  Months ago I purchased tickets to see U2 in concert at OU stadium in Norman OK.  I was so excited that I was finally going to get to see them in concert.  Yet the following week I received word that they were going to also be in Dallas Texas at the new Cowboy Stadium.  Now you are saying I am sure, why would that be so much better when Norman is a mere 20 minutes from my house and I was able to snag onto some excellent seats on the 8th row.  Well the answer to that question is simple.  Because the opening band was going to be Muse. 
Now anyone who knows me, knows that I have been an ultra Muse fan since 2004.  And although I have seen them in concert 6 times, I could not resist the chance to see them again.  I was able to get 2 tickets down front (better than my OK tickets) and for less than I had paid for my Oklahoma tickets.  I also was fortunate enough to be able to sell my Oklahoma tickets at face value.  It was all good.  Needless to say we were excited about going and the great seats.  Muse was awesome yet I truly did not expect anything less from them.  They opened the show and played 9 of their best songs including 3 from their recently released album "The Resistance" .  I was prepared for the fact that I would not get to see them as long as I would love to, yet I thought it would be a great pre cursor to their upcoming North American tour next year.  When I will be able to see a full show of them and more than likely more than once.
U2 was great also.  Their stage was unreal.  Although I heard that it cost 160 millon plus just for the stage.  Explains the price of the tickets... but also surprised me that it would be so flambouyant... I mean Bono being the charitable man he is, you would think he could have done alot with that kind of money. 

I am an Edge girl anyhow... So although Bono seems to be the one most go ga ga over... I myself like Edge.  Quiet, modest and a hell of a guitar player.... you can tell by all the photos I took of him... Although my camera battery did die before he finally decided to come around the circle and stand smack dab in front of me... Oh well at least I was able to gaze upon him.... It was better than looking at him through my camera lens anyhow.... It made for a late night and a very early morning the next day when we left for Tennessee yet it was more than worth it.... A fantastic concert from both Muse & U2...


  1. Aren't you the little concert girl! Wow - great bands! Glad you were able to get to both!

  2. Awesome for you !!!!!!!!!! wow I am really happy for you.

    You have got me listening to Muse more and more and they are growing on me now.

    U2 is not my kinda band, well apart from a few things like their amazing Rattle And Hum album.

    I love your remark about Bono lol, it made me laugh and I second your motion.

  3. Wow that must have been so awesome! I haven't been able to see U2 yet in concert, but I have heard they put on an incredible show! The Edge is an amazing guitarist! Great pictures! Oh and your Grandkids are adorable!