Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Whats A Woman To Do

Although there really is no reason, this week seems to be turning into an extremely busy week.  It seems that anymore the days just run together and many times I need to look at the calendar on a daily basis to realize what day of the week it is.  I used to go by Vincent's work schedule yet as of late that has been almost none existance.    It has been a different kind of year for me to say the least.  Growing up in a single mother household, where money was not a thing that was freely available, I grew up with the notion that working was an everyday thing.  At least 5 days out of the 7 of each week.  When I quit my jobs over 2 years ago,  it was a bit strange yet I was glad to do it as it meant much more time with my grandkids whom I would be watching on a much more frequent basis.  For the 2 years that they were around I did not think much about not working outside the home; as they were a great distraction for me.  Yet these days, almost 9 months since I last gg-sat them, I find myself trying to fill my time in other ways. 

Granted when I first stopped working outside the home, I wanted some of that extra time to be filled with me time and a chance to focus on pursuing my dreams and aspirations.  Yet really at first it just didn't seem possible.  Between taking care of grandkids, my house, and Vincent when he was home from work I kept myself busy to say the least.  Now I can no longer use that as an excuse.  I have been writing more and have rekindled a love for it and a desire to work on past works as well as start new.  I have been actively working more on my photography and trying to find my niche in this genre as well.  It seems to be constandly changing.  Blogging has become a fondness of mine also as I have met some wonderful people.  It has allowed me to expand and explore areas of myself that I had not done prior.  All in all I guess I have grown, and been busy.... even if I have not been working outside the home or bringing home a paycheck to prove my productivity.

Recently I have started working more in the area of creating.  By this I mean working with herbs, creating my own incense, candles and such; built my first broom with the help of Vincent as well as  my first set of homemade runes.  I want very much to create in a natural method.  As of yet not all my herbs are home grown, yet this is my desire; at least as much as is possible.  My broom is out of all natural items.  As we had cleaned up much of the willows around our pond, I hated to see the wood go to such waste and decided to find some means of using it, thus the handle for my broom.  The runes as well are being created out of the fallen wood that we have.  I am excited about this new avenue of my life and the fulfillment it is giving to me.  I just wanted to share with you a little bit more of the personal side of myself.  Thanks as always for your patience and listening ear.

Last weekend we attended the "Ghouls Gone Wild" parade with my oldest son and his family.  It was lots of fun.  Head on over to My Photograhy site - The Picture As Janie Sees It to check out some of the photos I captured.... Enjoy your hump day...

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  1. I love hearing about your journey. Good for you for using your wood for some objects that will have meaning to you. Do post picks of your broom and runes when you are ready - I'd love to see them!