Monday, November 30, 2009

And So It Begins

Well Thanksgiving is past and we are about to embark on the second half of the holiday season.  Each year it seems that this time of preperation for the upcoming events begins earlier and earlier.  In my opinion this seems to drastically take away from the specialness of the holiday itself. Yet I do not think that this "tradition" will change anytime soon.

Christmas has become a commercial holiday whether we like it or not.  The black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that have become almost as popular as the 2 holidays that they fall between prove this.  Don't get me wrong I love a good bargain and I am not above trying to find a specific object at a great price especially in this time when funds seem to be tighter than normal.  Yet camping out a day or sometimes 2 before the event starts to verify that you will be able to charge that store at the front of the line just seems sort of wrong. 

Black Friday falls the day after Thanksgiving, thus if you do choose to camp out to secure your spot you will more than likely miss Thanksgiving dinner.  What a trade that is.  I would so much rather sit in the cold huddled in a pup tent eating cold food so that I may have a chance at one of the 2 or 3 items then store has marked way down.  Sitting around a table in a warm house with loved ones eating a wonderful hot meal does not sound at all pleasing to me compared to this... I can not help but think somewhere our priorities got a bit skewed. 

I can not talk to loud, Vincent & I put the lights up around the house a couple weeks ago, and my tree is already up.  While I was cleaning and preparing for company over Thanksgiving, I thought I would just kill 2 birds with one stone and get it out of the way... What an attitude.  Yea, it is done and I will not have to worry about it but still. 

I guess in truth the only way one can combat this growing trend (or should I say fungus) is to start within ourselves.  I truly do love the holiday season.  I love the cooking of all the Christmas goodies, the wrapping of the presents and writing of the Christmas cards.  I enjoy giving to those who are not as fortunate and help them to have a special Christmas, especially the children. 

I intend to start my holiday "traditions" tomorrow.  My Christmas cards will begin to be sent, the peppernuts, and gingersnaps will  begin to be made, and I will more than likely wrap a few presents and place them under the tree.  This year it is going to be very much a homemade Christmas, with very little of the high tech gadgets and such.  Although finances are the main reason for this, I think that it may become another "tradition" of mine.  It has helped me to realize the manner in which we have begun to trivalize this special time of year and to reflect more on the true meaning. 

As you start your "traditions" or continue them throughout the month of December, I wish you peace and warm wishes for quiet real Yule time. 


  1. I really like this post, it is right in line with something I am going to post.

    I am all for bargains myself but I am not going to camp out for ANYTHING..unless I just want to go camping lol. I do not usually even go to the sales, unfortunately we are in the low income bracket of people that scrimp every last penny in December that does not go to bills and pray its enough to get the kids xmas and a gift for my parents a piece.

    The holidays are usually pretty stressful for me, but I will go into that on my post and how I would like to remedy it ;)

    I love the pic up top, it is beautiful!

  2. Now that I am moving and have to come up with extra money for that - Christmas is really going to be small. Even so, two years ago my family decided not to give large gifts to each other anymore. It was just too much. We do 'stocking stuffers' and donate to charity instead. It makes me feel so much better about the holidays!

  3. I like this post a lot. Yes the commercial aspect no matter the financial crisis is finding it's way again.

    I try to avoid shops as much as possible.

    Yet the atmosphere of this period leading to Christmas is lovely. The fire place, candles, dark evenings, having friends and family nearby, those are the wonderful things about this period.

    Reflection is what is good to do. Look around you and see the value of life, which can be simple things like a phone call to a loved one or the birds in the garden, simple things in life which warm your heart.

  4. For now I only prepared xmas cards to be send ;] still need to take them to post office