Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An Eventful Weekend - With a Little Bit of Everything

I could not help but venture outside this morning and snap a couple pictures of the beautiful full moon before it set in the western horizon.... It has been a beautiful thing to gaze at the last few evenings.  Our wonderful warmer temperatures for the first of November has kept the skys clear and clean.  Just as the Almanac predicted the first couple weeks of November are to be above average temperature with little moisture.  Yet the earlier rains of October were ample for filling our pond completely so the yard is looking wonderful.  The willows are  shedding their leaves continuously and I have decided to not even worry about trying to clean any up.  I like the golden color it gives the grass anyway.  It melds nicely with the still green grass below. 

Plus Sunny thinks he is quite camoflauged underneath its color.  To aid in his continuous hunt for the elusive egret that relishes in taunting him whenever he get a chance... It lends itself to afternoon entertainment when weather allows us to sit on the back porch . 

This time of year always lends itself to me being in the kitchen more... And it seems like this year I am enjoying it even more.  i have found and tried several new recipes.. Vincent is enjoying all the extra effort as he is my official taster.  For Halloween I made Sheep Herders pie with baked Acorn Squash (a new taste for me) and cinnamon roasted corn.  I know cinnamon & corn... but it really tasted quite good... Then I made my honey fairy cakes for desert with homemade whip cream... Needless to say we were quite fat and happy when it was all over....

Lastly, Vincent and I have been working on making runes out of the fallen willow from out many trees around the pond.  I hated to see it go to waste so we thought we would put it to good use.  They are turning out nicely and we are both enjoying tremendously the adventure it has brought us.  I have a feeling it may lead into other projects for the two of us.  Something I am quite looking forward to.  By the way I am giving away a set of the runes on Mother Moon my other blog.  If you are interested in entering... hit the link for details... Until next time, enjoy your day, may it be filled with many opportunities to realize your blessings.


  1. The photo of the moon is amazing! I spent some time with her this morning as she set in the West...so lovely!

    Sunny is so sneaky - giggle! I'm sure he'll get his paws around something one day, even if it's not the egret!

  2. The moon does look beautiful.

    I also have 'problems' clearing up leaves, I love the sight of all these different colors.

    Good to read about all your kitchen activities.

  3. Ooooh how fun to find you here too!! I loved the post and your blog is wonderful! The runes well..they are to die for!! Beautiful! I only relate to runes..Tarot cards do not speak to me nor can I scryth..it is not my gift..but the runes they seem to like me!! Truly a wonderful and amazing giveaway!! I look forward to getting to know you better!!
    Blessings, Sarah