Friday, November 20, 2009

My To Do List

As this weeks draws to a close and once again I have not done "all" the things that I was wishing I would get done , I can not help but reflect back on  the things I did accomplish and be glad.  Not all of the things were items that were on my list at the beginning of the week, however in the end they ended up being just as important or more so then those I jotted down.

Granted I still have a bit more time left to see if I can complete all the items plus some on my list yet I know myself well enough to know that that will more than likely not happen.  (at least I am honest)  I am so glad that as time has passed in my life that I no longer fret about the things that go undone knowing that many times the things that seem to "come up" and take their place many times hold some importance that we do not know of.  I wish I would have learned this lesson earlier in my life. 

It is not that I did not know it, it is just that I was caught up in that thing we call "life".  You know all those things you just know you have to accomplish and have done.  I am not saying that this is such a bad thing, I am just saying that some of it is un-neccessary...Maybe it is just a thing you don't realize until you get older and a bit slower and you have more of an opportunity to look at life from a perspective of stepping back instead of being smack dab in the middle.  I am not sure, I am just glad that this clarity has come to me. 

I know now that it is the small things in life that are so precious... Those things we think will be there forever, that we take for granted.  We seem to especially do this with people.  If you are like me you do not necessarily like to think of someone no longer being with you yet the possibility is always there.  Life is a precious thing and something I think we very much take it for granted on a daily basis.  Yet it can be taken to even a more simplier formula.  The simple moments that we allow to fall through our fingers because we are just too busy.... the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, The feel of a warm breeze on our face, the joy of falling in the snow and making snow angels, the wonderful aroma that is there that first moment you open a fresh bag of coffee and the list could go on and on. 

It seems that each day brings the possibility of new stresses to our lives, new worries.  Whether it be political, financial, relationship related, and so on. It is crucial that we allow ourselves the time to be a little selfish and tend to our sanity.  In the end, we will be happy we done so.  Not just for what it will do for ourselves, but also how it will help us to be there for others who have not relized the importance of such times.  Have a wonderful weekend...

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  1. Life is one long enigma, my friend.

    And each day brings new challanges and I believe that us here in the Western Material world often look at it from a negative starting point.

    Then I see some documentary about the poorest of the poorest and the first thing I discover is that they are smiling.

    I however have sortlike things which you write about here; the lists of things to do versus the list we can draw from those things is a day that we should cherish as being precious and to be thankful for. From the ones around you called people to a nice view in our garden of a simple thing as a bird or a cat which comes your way to say 'hello' the moment you walk in to the garden.