Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

There is nothing like little kids all dressed up for Trick or Treat... Even better when those little kids are your grand kids... Had to share these 2 photos... what kind of a gg would I be if I didn't. 
Only thing missing was me to be there with them.. but distance has a way of doing that.  Want to also brag on my grand daughter and say that she was on the principal honor roll for this period of school as well as winning the art award for her overall grade.  This is the second time she has done this... I am quite proud of this little sweetie... She loves school which I think is a great thing... But enough bragging from GG.  I will leave it at that. 


  1. What cuties!!! I would have to throw in a BIG handful of candy for such good costumes!

  2. How cute they look.

    You know the Carl Perkins song Distance Makes No Difference, With Love.

    Yet, I was thinking of you and how you would love to have them nearer when my daughter was here for dinner last week and left on her bike, living just less then twenty minutes away from here.

  3. Congrats to your granddaughter for her honours!

    Love those costumes! I'm glad they sent you pictures!