Monday, December 28, 2009

The Coming Year

Once again we are on the brink of the close of yet another year.  In 3 short days we will usher in yet another new year.  It is hard to believe that 2009 has come and gone so quickly.  Truly it does seem that time does go faster as you age. 

With each new year that comes it seems that everyone is deligently considering and choosing their resolutions.  I have often wondered what it ever was that brought about such a tradition.... As these resolutions always seem to contain the quitting of something you secretly love or the starting of something that you secretly despise... Both of which would prove to be somewhat difficult or otherwise you would be doing it already. 

I have a couple items on my list, yet I have tried to make them reasonable.  Not an absolute cut off or an absolute start up.  I want to at least try and make it to where I can hold on to my attempt if only for a bit longer than normal. 

Yes, of course the weight and excercise are on the list, yet I think that is a given for 99% of anyone who starts a list.  Yet I have also realized that as I age, that both of these are harder and take much more of an effort than in the past.... oh for the days of my 20s when I could shed those pounds so easily and without even trying... plus still eat all those goodies I so love... those days have past and I have to realize that it is moderation that I need to practice more now. 

Besides the normal additions to my resolution list, I have also added the more deligent attempt at the honing of my writing and an honest attempt to craft it.  With my "me" time on my hands these days, I do not have any excuse not to do just that. 

We will see what the year has in store for us shortly... Yet I do wish for you and yours that it has much prosperity, much happiness, and the fulfillment of the things you wish for.  Have a very blessed New Year...

PS:  Remember that this new years eve is the blue moon, (the second full moon that falls in one months period)  Take advantage of this special time and the extra special energy that comes with it...


  1. May every good thing come to you this year!


  2. I like your idea of just modifying habits instead of trying (unsuccessfully!) to remove them completely...small changes seem more possible...