Monday, January 25, 2010

The Gingerbread Baby

This weekend I received a wonderful letter from my granddaughter.  In it was this Gingerbread Baby.... Her first grade class each made one and sent them out to one person to have an adventure with.  We are suppose to write about their adventure, then return it to her class.  I think I may be going a bit overboard with mine. 

If all goes well I may be visiting them this next month.  It just seems too long since I seen them last.  Last October to be exact.  Krystle is doing well with her pregnancy and all is set to happen April 14th.  I haven't given this blog as much of my time as I would really had hoped to.  Most of my time has been spent on other things and my Mother Moon blog.  Hopefully as time goes on I can tend to this site as I would like to and share some of my recipes and such more often...

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