Monday, January 11, 2010

Old Man Winter.... Brrrr

It seems that everyone I talk to lately have had the wonderful experience of winter at its best this year.  Whether it be from the falling of above normal snowfall to tempertatures that way below normal.  Old Man Winter is in somewhat of a cantankerous mood these days.  This deep freeze is not only felt here, my friends across the pond are also telling me stories of several feet of snow and freezing tempertures.  In fact in some ways I think they may have it worse. 

A friend of mine in the Netherlands even spoke of a weather alarm that was sounded last week due to the below normal tempertures which were on their way.  Another friend in Great Britian  had the majority of her pipes burst in her house which also effected the ability for her to heat her house.  We still have snow on the ground from the Christmas Eve blizzard that blew through Oklahoma leaving a record 14.5 inches of snow.  Our pond is frozen over and has been for the last 10 days with no signs of thawing soon.  Instead of the normal thin glaze of ice that covers it most years, it is turning a solid white from the thickness. 

Yet  still as I look at the picture above, which was taken by a friend back east, I can not help but smile.  Even though this winter has been a cold one, we have had our share of snow and ice and the windchill has been unbearable at times.... it all still has its beauty.  The peace and quiet of a new fallen snow untouched and still is a marvel all in its own.  We are at a whooping 45 degrees today and expected to possibly climb to the 50s before the week is out.  I am sure that such tempertures will help the last remnants of snow to melt.  I never thought that I would be so happy to see 45 degrees, yet I am elated.  I intend to spend an abundance of time outside this week in the sunshine and warmer tempertures and pray that at least for awhile our cold snap is on hold. 

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