Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring Fever

The warmer weather has done nothing more than make me more and more eager for Spring to arrive.  I have decided this year to attempt to start some of my plants indoors prior to planting them outdoors.  I think this could save lots of $ as well as help with my Spring fever.  It is my first attempt at doing something like this, yet I am willing to give it a try.
Over the weekend I planted 4 flats or 120 plants.  There is a wide variety ranging from assorted herbs to an multitude of flowers.  I also am planning on tilling us the yard at the far end of the yard, right where it meets the wooded area... I saved 2 gallon bags of marigold seeds from last summer and am going to wild seed them in that area as well as some assorted bachelor buttons.  I am hoping that they take and the border of the yard will be lined with colorful flowers throughout the summer.  I have other seeds that I collected last summer that also need to be planted.  Cone flowers, four clocks, and others. 

I noticed the other day as I was tending to my many bird feeders that many of my daffodils and hyacinths are peeking their heads out of the ground.  It will not be long until they are up and blooming.  I did not get my crocus out as I had intended this last fall so there will be none of them peeking out even earlier... Maybe is fall if I am lucky.  The yard is coming along well in regards to all the work we have done to in landscaping.  Many of the seeds that were planted last year should produce even more color this year.  I am excited to see it as it evolves through the coming months. 

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