Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter's Icy Grasp

Well we have survived the Ice storm of 2010 thus far.  Thursday it started... earlier than predicted and looked to be one definately for the record books.  Freezing rain came down during the majority of the day, turning slowly to sleet by the time darkness came.  The accumulation came quickly attaching to trees, power lines and anything that was cold enough to hold it.  We easily received at least 3/4 of an inch if not more. 

  In the days prior to the storm we filled the generator we purchased after the last ice storm in 2007 and also made sure we had extra.  We were given plenty of warning on the storms coming.  We have been blessed thus far to not have lost power for any significant amount of time.  Thursday evening the lights flickered and were out for no more than an hour.  Yet the trees are still covered with its coat of ice and the winds still blow. There are literally thousands that surround us who have lost their power.  It has been a true blessing for us thus far.   Tempertures are not suppose to reach above freezing until Sunday to allow the melting to begin.  So we wait til then to see.

Our trees seemed to hold up this time so far at least.  We did lose a large part of one of our redbuds in the front yard.  A sad thing, as these trees were only little ones when we first moved here 5 years ago.... Yet the willows that surround the pond are holding out well.  It appears the work we done earlier after the first storm helped tremendously.  There is still some breakage yet nothing like the loss we experienced last time.  I have heard some breakage yet it still does not appear to be major.   
It is a time for staying indoors and keeping warm at least for now.  I cooked a nice pot of Oxtail soup yesterday and today I am sure I will once again be in the kitchen fixing something.  Cold weather always makes me want to cook or bake... I look forward to the coming week and its warmer tempertures.  I definately have a bad case of spring fever yet will also admit that it was nice to have a visit from old man winter. 

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