Friday, February 5, 2010

The Long Thaw

It seems that all I have wrote about as of late has been the weather and the clutches it seems to have us in... It finally melted (most of it) a couple days ago.  There is still some snow here and there yet most has finaly melted to leave wet puddles throughout the yard... Which means that I am still not able to get out into the yard and do much... This looks to be the way it will be for a while.  We are to have a chance of more snow this weekend into Monday.  Winter has sure decided to pay us a long visit this year.  Yet as I have heard the ground hod did see his shadow therefore spring will be late...

I have already planted some of my herbs and flowers inside.  They are growing nicely... Not sure when I will be able to put them out the way things are going... There is much clean  up to do with the ice we had.  Although most of it is just loose sticks and such.  We were lucky to not have lost any major limbs or trees.  The bunnies and birds have been having a wonderful time in all this... I do not think I have seen so many bunny tracks in some time.  I have been trying to put out extra food for them as well as the fat squirrel that frequents my feeders at times... I purchased some peanuts in the shell for him as he likes the challenge as well as the nuts inside. 

There are a few slight signs of spring... The ducks have once again come to our pond.  My daffodils and lillies are peeking out of the ground, at least they were before the snow hit.  You can see the buds beginning on the redbud trees as well as the elms. The birds are starting their yearly mating dance with one another... You get the picture... Spring will arrive in time I know.. I just truly can not wait for it to get here.

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  1. This is the part of winter that seems to drag along. I know it did for me when I lived in areas with hard winters. I think all the creatures of earth and air are ready for warmer days!