Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday Ramblings... A Day Late

Hope that all of you had a wonderful Valentines Day.  Falling on a Sunday, I am sure caused it to be a very buy weekend for many.  I am sure the weather in many areas did not help matters either.  I have to admit that Vincent and I are not too celebatory on Valentines Day.  I think it is way over commercialized.  Although do not get me wrong, I love to receive flowers and chocolates, I just do not think that there needs to be a specific day that is singled out as the time one needs to show one how much they mean to them.  We had a nice evening at home with a bottle of wine and a bunch of our favorite foods, watching the Olympics... Guess the fact that we are getting a bit older could have a bit to do with that...

Today is Fat Tuesday or Madi Gras.  Likewise we are spending a quiet day at home.... No over the top celebration planned here.  The usual housework and daily chores will be done.  I do like the colorful masks though that appear at this time.  I will admit that I have one in my closet on the top shelf... I purchased it one year yet am sure that I will never wear it...Although at the time I bought it I knew I would. 

Spring is trying so hard to pop out here.  I have seen the robins around and my tulips and such are inching out further and further each day that the snow remains away and does not cover them.  It seems that we get our share of snow every 2  or 3 days... This week looks to be cold yet sunny though and I intend to take advantage of it.  As they have already said that next week is to bring yet again another storm or two for us.  I know that spring will be here in its own time yet I have never been more ready for its arrival. 

Of course the grandkids love the snow.  It means playing outside and building a multitude of snow men, as well as days off from school. What could be more fun than that, but going back into the house for cocoa and cookies... Hope this finds all of you in good spirits...and good thoughts...

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