Friday, February 12, 2010

A Prelude to Spring

I heard a short piece last night on television that said if all went as it appeared it would that after tomorrow all 50 states would have snow on the ground. Something that I guess is somewhat of an oddity. This has definitely been a different year for many of us in regards to the weather of the winter season. A number of areas have received record snowfall amounts , some of which have broken records that are over 100 years old. I have not checked yet to see if the storm that passed over us yesterday and dumped 10 inches on Dallas Texas (which may I say is totally unheard of) continued with its mission as it crossed over the southern states. The northern side of Floridia was even supposed to have snow.

There are many who are eagerly awaiting Spring's arrival as they gaze out their front window only to see a mountain of snow in front of it. Once again our place is covered with a blanket of snow and although we were forecasted a warm up of 40 and 50s through the weekend. However starting this morning, the skys are still gloomy and it is still cold outdoors. I have decided to stop whining about the absence of the warmth of the coming Spring. Definitely I have found that such behavior does not do any good in bringing it any quicker. Mother Earth knows her plans and she is executing them as she sees best. I have to trust this.

I have decided to look for the good and the beauty in the current coldness. No I am not able to go out and do the work in my yard as I would normally be doing, preparing it for the coming flowers, and planting new ones. I have not been able to enjoy any afternoons on the back porch soaking up the early sunshine and just enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. Yet, I have seen a tremendous abundance of birds this winter. The weather has lured them into my feeders and they have become quite tame frolicking on my back porch throughout the day. Each time I go and make my rounds filling the many feeders I have throughout the yard, they call to me and at times ask why it has taken so long. The quail have even been lured out to beneath my little oak where I leave them cracked corn and seed.

Yesterday as I was in town purchasing feed for my many feathered friends, I noticed that the store has gotten their ducklings, chicks and baby rabbits in. I am such a sucker for little animals. If I had my way I would have all of them.... Spring is coming. Her pace is steady and strong. No she is not coming with a grand entrance or a gradual warming processional yet still she comes. One day we will wake up and realize she has already arrived. The warmth of the sun will hit our face, the smell of the newly bloomed flowers will flow past our nose and our eyes will see she is everywhere.

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  1. I have to say I live in Arizona, and while there is snow in Northern Arizona and I am sure they are looking forward to spring I am not. After spring (Which is in the 90's here) we have to deal with summer and temps over 100 degrees! So I am enjoying the cooler weather (60's and 70's)