Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Cost Of Ones Actions

A little over a week ago a father was driving through the city with his two children. His son of five years with his bouncing head of red curls. His eyes that sparkled with a smile with what seemed to be continuously. A truly joyful child. His younger sister of two who like most sisters resembled her brother in many ways. Same red hair, same sparkling eyes. Both were just glad to be out with their father enjoying an afternoon.

Stopped at a stop light waiting for the red to turn to green so that they could continue on their way home from their time together, they enjoyed the few moments that it gave them to just sit and enjoy each other’s company. Brother and sister glancing at one another on occasion as siblings do. The father facing forward listening to the giggles and playful sounds his children made. All not knowing what a precious moment they were truly involved in.

Within an instant the tranquility and joy that before was so obvious and welcomed was cut short and turned to a darkness that would eventually consume so many. From behind a speeding pickup came. It barreled up the off ramp towards the back end of the waiting SUV which housed the happy family. It did not slow as it approached the car. It continued until it rammed into the back end of the stationary vehicle.

Without any warning lives were changed. The truck spun around after it hit the SUV eventually landing to the side of the road. The front end smashed. The driver unconscious. The SUV stood motionless. It had been thrust forward by the jolt. The back of it was no more. Pushed into what before was the middle. Emergency vehicles were quick to come to the aid of those in need. Police to investigate the accident, Firemen to help free those who may be trapped, and Ambulances to rush those hurt to the nearest hospital. The father was taken with cuts and bruises to the hospital for observation and review. The little sister likewise was taken to the hospital as she was in the back seat and sustained much of the force which struck the back end.

The little boy with the bouncing red curls and the sparkling eyes that smiled before would smile no more. His tiny body lay motionless. Crushed and mangled by what had just occurred. His life with those who cherished him so would be no more. No longer would his father hear his laughter, his mother hold him close as he fell asleep at night, his little sister grow up and enjoy the wonderful gifts that only an older brother can bestow. He had passed.

The man who drove the pickup: He was injured yet not to the degree as the others. He was taken to the hospital and later released. When told that a five year old boy had been killed due to his negligence, he stated… kill me now. He failed the sobriety test which was given to him on the scene and later was found to have prescription drugs in his system as well. He drove with a suspended license which should have kept him off the road all together. Although his life of freedom was all but ended, he had experienced over 60 years of life prior. Yes he is in jail awaiting trial. Yes he will pay for his actions. But at what cost?

The father was released from the hospital with minor injuries. The sister still lies in the hospital in serious condition. She is still not aware that her brother will no longer be with her. A family has been changed forever and at no fault of their own. All because one person decided to get behind the wheel when he should not have.

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