Friday, March 19, 2010

Last Day of Winter - First Day of Spring

Today is the last day of winter... The day could not be more perfect.  A gentle breeze and tempertures to top somewhere near 70.  One would think that old man winter had had his fill and was finally content with leaving.  Yet he will get one more hurrah.

Later this evening a front is to blow in.  As we turn the corner and begin the first day of spring tomorrow we are to be hit with tempertures in the low 30's and high winds.  They say the wind gusts will be between 25 and 45.  And of course one last good snow storm before he leaves.  They are predicting blizzard conditions. It will not accumulate too bad as the tempertures have been high enough to help it melt readily.  However a total of up to 4-6 inches and more in some places is expected.

One has to love how mother nature has a way of even in nature telling us that even though the skies may be blue, they can turn directions without any notice.  May your first day of spring be a good one. 

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