Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing In The Garden

The warmer weather has been keeping me busy lately.  With spring taking its sweet time to come and finally decide to stay, any planting I wanted to do in the yard was postponed later than normal for me.  Yet this last week I have been able to at least begin my task.  I think that any chance of a freeze has past. 

This year I have been so lucky to find some wonderful new flowers to put out in my yard.  And better still all of my finds (or at least most of them) have been perrenials.  I am always so excited about perrenials as it means that is less work for me as the years pass.  This year I have been working on a new garden.  It really is somewhat of an extension to one that I started a couple years back.  Located near the pond and somewhat in the woods it is more of a woodland garden.  I cleaned out a nice area and planted some shaded plants such as columbine, english daisys, bleeding heart, and trailing vines. Plans are to place a stone bench near the area as well as bird feeders and such. 

I still have many plants to plant yet am hoping to complete all the work by the end of this week.  The rains are suppose to come in for a while which will be good for the new garden as it is a ways from the house and watering it can be a bit of a chore.  As for the other plants that I have planted in years past they are doing wonderful.  I can finally see fruits from my previous efforts and it gives me hope that in a few years I will not have to do this as much as I do now.  Upkeep will be my only chore. 

The frogs have returned once more to our pond.  We had been worried that possibly we had lost some of our larger ones last fall as they disappeared a bit earlier than normal.  Yet they are back again as big as ever.  I guess they knew the winter we were in store for and burrowed into their homes earlier than they usually do.  Since we have cleared the perimeter of the pond somewhat we are considering adding some fish into the pond this year.  It would be a nice addition as well as something fun for the grandkids to do when they visit. 

Speaking of grandkids, we are still waiting for Nathan to arrive.  Krystle's due date was yesterday and still no baby.  We should know something more definate today.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  This looks to be a stubborn one.  Until next time... take care... and enjoy the sunshine.

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