Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still No Baby

Still we are waiting for our grandson to finally come into the world.  He seems to be a stubborn one that will come when he is good and ready.  Krystle entered the hospital yesterday at noon and started her medicine to help induce shortly after.  By 2 am in the morning still no baby so they stopped procedures and allowed her to rest as well as the baby. 

He seems to be a bit turned and before commencing with inducing the dr. would prefer that he turns on his own.  So we wait.  I wondered if possibly he just wanted to be a Taurus instead of an Aries however there is not much difference between a Ram and a Bull.  Both have hard heads and both are stubborn. 

Be assured that as soon as any news comes it will be posted as well as pictures when available.  It is funny how hard we try sometimes to make things fit the way we want them to be yet there are times when no matter how hard we may try they will just occur when they are good and ready. 


  1. Uh Oh Janie...now you've gone and done it. Approximately 10% of the population are either one or the other of those hard headed stubborn zodiac signs and here you are saying there isn't much difference.....ooooohhhhh, you gonna be in trouble. Calling a diamond a diamond is one thing but to say that a ram and a bull aren't much different. Now the cusp of those would be an ouchie situation but my curved horns trump GK's straight longhorns everytime. Although....hmmmmmm maybe you are right. (((hugs))) until next time

  2. You beat me there Linda!
    Hey if Janie wants to name call she can on her own bloggy...although I really don't envy your girl Janie...she must be completely knackered...poor mite!
    Send her our bestest and for new little (stubborn) one too!
    I have a Capricorn, an Aries and a Libran...and wed to a Giant Leo...anyone want to swap?