Friday, April 30, 2010

Thank Goodness It Is Friday

Although I greatly have been wanting to go outside this week and work in my yard Mother Nature has not been very supportive.  Monday and Tuesday were way cool with a nice breeze which made it feel even colder.  The next 2 days were just plain windy.  I love Oklahoma but really.... can't there be a rule where the wind can not blow more than 2/3 of the week.  Of course this weekend the wind is suppose to be lighter, but the chance of rain is increasing daily.   I have resorted to staying in the house and "trying" to accomplish some things that need to be done.  I have to admit that I have been having fun in the kitchen expermenting with my favorite new treat.  Meringues.... They are quite addictive and so easy.  I have been trying out some different flavors also.  Thank goodness they are not that bad for you....

Plus my homemade vanilla has been calling me.  I have used it in my cooking the last couple days and it is wonderful.  I was going to bottle it up to give away yet I am not sure if I will yet.  I think I will just make another bottle and keep this one for myself.  I do not think I will ever buy vanilla again in the store... This is way too good. 

Today the skys are cloudy, at least for the morning, and it is a bit cooler.  Yet they are to break later and the tempertures are to rise to the 80s.  The wind is still blowing yet I may still try and do some things outdoors.  I did manage to work 2 beds I was wanting to get to as well as plant some marigolds and sage.  Pictures to follow, I promise...

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