Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Wonderful Wednesday

Goodness but it seems that I do not write here as often as I used to.  Something I very much would like to change.  I have been busy that is for sure.  Working in my yard has taken up much of my time as well as trying to get all the things I may have to get done before I go to Tennessee to see my new grandson.

I have also been working in the kitchen.  Trying some new recipes out.  I have every intention of sharing them here when the time gives itself.  Of course I have been sure to have my camera handy while I have been testing these new items out so I will have plenty of good pictures to share with you.

Speaking of Photography, I have also been trying to get out more and shoot some photos.  Spring lends itself so well to such things.  The wildflowers have been coming up throughout the yard and they are definately something I love to photograph. 

Our new addition, Winston has also been taking up much of my time.  Although let me add here that he is a wonderful puppy and has been so easy to train.  Honestly I do not like to brag too much as I think as soon as I do he will remind me just what a puppy can be like.  Yet so far....he's been a dear (fingers crossed). 

So off again I go... In the kitchen this morning... once again trying some new recipes out, then its off to run errands, work in the yard, work a bit on the baby quilt, and read my book for my book review May 11.  Til next time....

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