Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter's Icy Grasp

Well we have survived the Ice storm of 2010 thus far.  Thursday it started... earlier than predicted and looked to be one definately for the record books.  Freezing rain came down during the majority of the day, turning slowly to sleet by the time darkness came.  The accumulation came quickly attaching to trees, power lines and anything that was cold enough to hold it.  We easily received at least 3/4 of an inch if not more. 

  In the days prior to the storm we filled the generator we purchased after the last ice storm in 2007 and also made sure we had extra.  We were given plenty of warning on the storms coming.  We have been blessed thus far to not have lost power for any significant amount of time.  Thursday evening the lights flickered and were out for no more than an hour.  Yet the trees are still covered with its coat of ice and the winds still blow. There are literally thousands that surround us who have lost their power.  It has been a true blessing for us thus far.   Tempertures are not suppose to reach above freezing until Sunday to allow the melting to begin.  So we wait til then to see.

Our trees seemed to hold up this time so far at least.  We did lose a large part of one of our redbuds in the front yard.  A sad thing, as these trees were only little ones when we first moved here 5 years ago.... Yet the willows that surround the pond are holding out well.  It appears the work we done earlier after the first storm helped tremendously.  There is still some breakage yet nothing like the loss we experienced last time.  I have heard some breakage yet it still does not appear to be major.   
It is a time for staying indoors and keeping warm at least for now.  I cooked a nice pot of Oxtail soup yesterday and today I am sure I will once again be in the kitchen fixing something.  Cold weather always makes me want to cook or bake... I look forward to the coming week and its warmer tempertures.  I definately have a bad case of spring fever yet will also admit that it was nice to have a visit from old man winter. 

Motorcycle Mamma

I know that several people in my family occasionally drop by my site and read my posts, so this one is for you...

When I turn 78 years old I want to be like my mom.... She is short little woman yet as touch as nails.  I like to think that is the German in her... She was visiting us last year around Thanksgiving and we talked her into letting Vincent give her a ride on the Harley.  I had to laugh when she first got ready to go as she had on her little scarf as if that was all she would need.  I quickly gave her my helmet and leather jacket to wear and she was off. 

I snapped this picture before they left for their ride.  I honestly think she enjoyed the ride. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring Fever

The warmer weather has done nothing more than make me more and more eager for Spring to arrive.  I have decided this year to attempt to start some of my plants indoors prior to planting them outdoors.  I think this could save lots of $ as well as help with my Spring fever.  It is my first attempt at doing something like this, yet I am willing to give it a try.
Over the weekend I planted 4 flats or 120 plants.  There is a wide variety ranging from assorted herbs to an multitude of flowers.  I also am planning on tilling us the yard at the far end of the yard, right where it meets the wooded area... I saved 2 gallon bags of marigold seeds from last summer and am going to wild seed them in that area as well as some assorted bachelor buttons.  I am hoping that they take and the border of the yard will be lined with colorful flowers throughout the summer.  I have other seeds that I collected last summer that also need to be planted.  Cone flowers, four clocks, and others. 

I noticed the other day as I was tending to my many bird feeders that many of my daffodils and hyacinths are peeking their heads out of the ground.  It will not be long until they are up and blooming.  I did not get my crocus out as I had intended this last fall so there will be none of them peeking out even earlier... Maybe is fall if I am lucky.  The yard is coming along well in regards to all the work we have done to in landscaping.  Many of the seeds that were planted last year should produce even more color this year.  I am excited to see it as it evolves through the coming months. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Gingerbread Baby

This weekend I received a wonderful letter from my granddaughter.  In it was this Gingerbread Baby.... Her first grade class each made one and sent them out to one person to have an adventure with.  We are suppose to write about their adventure, then return it to her class.  I think I may be going a bit overboard with mine. 

If all goes well I may be visiting them this next month.  It just seems too long since I seen them last.  Last October to be exact.  Krystle is doing well with her pregnancy and all is set to happen April 14th.  I haven't given this blog as much of my time as I would really had hoped to.  Most of my time has been spent on other things and my Mother Moon blog.  Hopefully as time goes on I can tend to this site as I would like to and share some of my recipes and such more often...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tragedy is something that occurs on a daily basis. Devastation and death is truly an everyday occurrence. However in most cases we never hear about the things that occur or if we do they are but fleeting blimps on the nightly news. It takes a catastrophe of great magnitude to hold our attention for a long period of time and truly make us see the pain and loss that occurs. This last week on January 12th we witnessed such an act in the earthquake that hit Haiti. I have purposely kept myself from watching too much of the coverage as it is simply too overwhelming. Small doses are all I can seem to process as the stories are graphic and brutal reality.

The other evening I watched as a doctor from Canada spoke of the medical facilities they possessed. Literally they had none; A mere three bottles of alcohol, a hack saw, and a couple bottles of rum and vodka that had been given to him by someone. In the background the hack saw was being used to amputate the leg from a small child. I wondered as I listened if that child was even given any form of pain relief before the "operation" occurred. Even now the sheer brutal reality of the situation overwhelms me.

I know that so many have come to the aid of Haiti and rightfully so. Yet the degree of need is so great that it will continue to be there for some time. Battered already from several tropical storms in past years, this final blow was just that a final blow. Homeless people cover any open area available. The dead are piled high and at time moved with front end loaders and put into a dump truck to be taken to a mass grave so that the smell can be subdued somewhat. The basic act of survival can be seen in the panic of looting and fighting for whatever food or fresh water can be found.

I daresay that we and most others outside of Haiti can’t even begin to understand completely the degree of this event. We may try and yet I do believe that effort is futile. The fear of not knowing if other family members are alive; a child, a mother, a father. The pain of inflicted medical issues that have gone unattended for days; many just waiting to die. The hunger and thirst for food and water as there is none and has not been since the earthquake occurred. My heart especially goes out to the children. Earlier today in reading about Haiti, I learned that before the earthquake 48% of the population of Haiti was below the age of 18 before the earthquake occurred. This fact means that the majority of this devastation has occurred to mere children. There has been a rush of attempts to adopt children who have been orphaned yet only those that were in the process have been continued. There is a fear that this event could cause an increase in possible child trafficking and so any new adoptions are being slow to start up.

Although I know that this post sounds somewhat of a rant, it truly is more of a cry. I understand that no one can go into this and fix everything at least not overnight. There were already issues to be dealt with in Haiti even before the earthquake occurred. Those issues are still there and are even more compounded now. Yet it truly is a time when we as people need to rally together and truly help the cause. Lay down our differences, whether due to race, politics, financial status, religious beliefs and so on and help our fellow man, woman and child.

One of the easiest ways is the Red Cross Cell Phone Text Drive. A simple text of the word Haiti from ones cell phone to 90999 immediately donates $10.00 to the Red Cross Haiti relief fund. This drive has already donated a total of $22 million dollars, which is roughly one fifth of the $112 million that has been received from the Red Cross so far. It is truly the simplest form of donating there is. The amount is minimal yet the amount collected thus far shows just how fast it can add up.

There are numerous organizations to donate to. One can easily feel confused when looking at them all. Yet there are a few that I would like to speak of as I feel they are worthwhile and offer something that is specifically needed at this time in Haiti. The first one is Doctors Without Borders. This organization has been in Haiti prior to the earthquake in response to medical needs and is there now as well. The medical needs are astounding at this time and any assistance that can be given in this manner is well appreciated.

The next organization I would like to mention is Unicef. With the multitude of children who are now homeless or orphaned it seems only fitting that their need be looked after. This is a worldwide organization that has been around for many years and has done some exceptional work in regards to the rights and needs of the child.

These are only three of the several organizations that are out there yet there are some definite reasons I choose these three. There is no middle man or at least very minimal here. The money is given and already it is closer to where it can start working immediately. I urge you to please consider contributing to any or all of these as well as the others that are not listed. The need is great…. And we can do so much with so little. Blessings to all

Friday, January 15, 2010

Longing For Spring

I woke early this morning.  Did not sleep as good as I would have liked, yet as of late I wonder if that is because I am being prodded to rise a bit earlier.  I am the kind of person that can not sleep if the sun has risen in the sky.  Although at this time of year I don't have to worry to much about that.  The sun was far from anywhere near the horizon when I got up at 6 am. 

I think it is because I am eager for Spring to come.  A bit early for spring fever I know yet I always seem to get it early.  As soon as the first sign is evident I have it.  Unfortunately that is usually on December 21, the first day of winter.  I know that it is the shortest day of the year therefore each day thereafter is a tad bit longer.  Yea I know that the increase is trivial, especially in the beginning.  Yet it is still all mental to me, I can not help but think that spring is coming... Therefore when the first sign of warmer tempertures, and form of growth, or just sunshine, set me off into a longing for warmth. 

This winter has not helped matters at all.  With the temperatures being much colder than normal and a record snow fall I have been even more eager for the sun to return.  I am not a cold person... At least not Oklahoma cold. 

I snapped the picture above this morning as I went outdoors to let the cats out of the garage.  A large hawk frequents our yard on a daily basis.  Usually he sits high in the cottonwood tree which overlooks the entire yard, yet this morning he perched just outside the back door on the branch of a willow at the edge of the pond.  It was a quiet tranquil site and I took it in.  The heavy dew from the fog could be heard dripping from the branches into the water below.  The other birds were just beginning to rumage around for any morning feed they could find.  The sun had risen yet it was far from shining brightly.  Spring is slowly coming.  She takes her time as not to rush things to fast.  I keep having to tell myself.... all in due time.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Faerwillow over at Serendipity was a dear and gave me this award.  Her blog is always uplifting and full of wonderful things.  With receipt of this award I am to offer up to my readers 10 things that make me really happy.  Have to say there are probably much more than 10 things, yet at the moment this seems to be the things that are on my mind the most..  And Away We Go............

The first thing that comes to my mind when you speak of happiness has got to be my grandbabies.  They are such a big part of my life as well as such a wealth of smiles, love, and laughter.  I still have not figured out the complete secret of being a grandparent yet I know that there is something incredibly special about it.  It give a feeling inside of you that is unique all to its own.  Plus I just love the simple ways of a child.  They are so open to the world and accepting without question.  They have yet to be mucked up by all the sinicism of the world.  It is refreshing and delightful to experience their bare truth of reality.

The second thing that makes me happy is my Vinnie.  Funny how I have truly been in love with this man since I was 7 years old.  I just wish I had had my pushy ways back when I was younger.  Maybe I would not had to have waited until I was 42 to have married him.  He has brought me more love in the last 5 and half years of being together than I think I have had in all the years before.  He truly is my soulmate and best friend.  My very own Captain Morgan... what else could a girl ask for. 

Music runs a close number three with of course Matthew Bellamy of Muse being at the forefront of that.  I mean really girls the boy believes in fairies.  Music has always been an important attribute to my life.  It inspires, lifts my spirits, makes me cry, and makes me want to dance like a crazed loon.  Yes, I can get down with my bad self, believe it or not.  I think I will have the same feelings as well as the same closet groupie fetishes til the day I die.  From George Harrison of the Beatles to Mattie.... I will "forever" love the boys in the band. 

Friends and family come in next.  Goodness where would we be without this one.  Over the last year I have realized the important of both of these groups.  Whether they are right next door to you or clear across the pond, they still mean as much to you and can have just as much influence and impact on your life.  A true friend is hard to find and sometimes impossible.  I feel that as of late I have been blessed with several.  And that can do nothing but make me happy.

Cooking is another thing that makes me happy.  Let me feed someone and that is my way of telling them I care.  Not sure why I am like that, I think I get it from my mother.  Although since she learned I can cook she doesn't cook for me as much.  Just ask my kids they will tell you that I love nothing more than to shove food down ones throat.  A little melodramatic there... although my daughter swears I fed them too much as kids... Always having cookies and cakes baked.  What can I say... it is one of my many ways of saying I love you.

Full moons and fairies.  Yea I know this is two things yet to me I tie them together often.  I have always loved to gaze at a full round moon as it rises in the sky at night.  To feel its energies pulsating from it.  I have forever been a moonchild and feel extremely close to her.  As for the fairies, the wee folk have always been dear to me.  It saddens me that people truly do not believe in them anymore yet I can understand why.  They represent something that is unseen to most and therefore can be unproven.  Ah to be caught in a world where you can not believe what you can not see.    Something that definitely does not make me smile....

Nature and all her glory of course makes me smile and tremendously happy.  From the strength and wisdom of a tall aged oak to the soft touch of a gentle breeze.  There are so many facets of this area that truly touch my soul.  I have learned so much from the out of doors.  It is what is truly real.  It holds so many secrets for us if we only but listen to her.  Its stories are ageless and offer to us the answers to so many of the questions we often ponder. 

My garden makes me happy.  Over the last several years I have planted and nurtured several flowers, trees, etc.  It is now coming to the stage where it is starting to shine.  It has been a wonderful experience for me to learn.  Although the feel of the earth under my feet or the touch of fresh soil excites me in a way that only another gardener can understand.  The excitement of that little green sprout peeking out of the ground or the first bud on a rose bush makes me beam... I thank my grandma and grandpa for this love of the earth as well as Thelma Pate, a woman who taught me the love of a beautiful flower at a very young age. 

My camera and my love of photography makes me smile.  It goes with me everywhere and has brought me a form of satisfaction I had not experienced before.  It has taught me creativity, uniqueness and the means to accept myself as an artist. 

Lastly what makes me Happy?  Me Myself and I.  I have learned to love myself and who and what I am.  I can laugh at my shortcomings and not be too hard on myself... I love life and all that it has to offer.  I guess in a way Life makes me happy.  Sure it has its pitfalls and such but there truly is always something positive to be gained from everything.  No matter how cliche that sounds.  I have learned to lean towards the positive side of all things and in the end all will be better for it.  Not to dwell on the negative or the trivial as it will only bog you down and keep you from enjoying the goodness that surrounds you.  Now I have to send this on to 10 more people.  First let me say that I am not necessarily a lover of question and answer things such as this yet this one has been a bit of a blessing to me.  It made me focus on a bunch of positive  things and also made me realize that there is much more than just 10 things... In saying this I pass this on to 10 people whom have inspired me with their stories, their teachings and their lives.  People whom have made me happy .  I hope you have as much fun doing this as I have had;  PS:  Lyon, Rue and Mary:  I would send this to you yet see you already had it sent to you.... All three of you have made me smile several times as well as lift my spirits and taught me much... blessing to you.  To see the 10 I choose go to My other blog - Mother Moons Message

Love all of you and Faerwillow, thank you so much for sending this my way.... Blessings to all of you. 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Old Man Winter.... Brrrr

It seems that everyone I talk to lately have had the wonderful experience of winter at its best this year.  Whether it be from the falling of above normal snowfall to tempertatures that way below normal.  Old Man Winter is in somewhat of a cantankerous mood these days.  This deep freeze is not only felt here, my friends across the pond are also telling me stories of several feet of snow and freezing tempertures.  In fact in some ways I think they may have it worse. 

A friend of mine in the Netherlands even spoke of a weather alarm that was sounded last week due to the below normal tempertures which were on their way.  Another friend in Great Britian  had the majority of her pipes burst in her house which also effected the ability for her to heat her house.  We still have snow on the ground from the Christmas Eve blizzard that blew through Oklahoma leaving a record 14.5 inches of snow.  Our pond is frozen over and has been for the last 10 days with no signs of thawing soon.  Instead of the normal thin glaze of ice that covers it most years, it is turning a solid white from the thickness. 

Yet  still as I look at the picture above, which was taken by a friend back east, I can not help but smile.  Even though this winter has been a cold one, we have had our share of snow and ice and the windchill has been unbearable at times.... it all still has its beauty.  The peace and quiet of a new fallen snow untouched and still is a marvel all in its own.  We are at a whooping 45 degrees today and expected to possibly climb to the 50s before the week is out.  I am sure that such tempertures will help the last remnants of snow to melt.  I never thought that I would be so happy to see 45 degrees, yet I am elated.  I intend to spend an abundance of time outside this week in the sunshine and warmer tempertures and pray that at least for awhile our cold snap is on hold.