Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Another Spring Day In Oklahoma

Weather is something that is to be expected in Oklahoma. Whether it is the wind, the humidity, or the storms, we have a variety to deal with. In the Spring months, especially May, one knows to be aware that a Spring thunderstorm could pop up at an instant and easily turn into a tornado. Recently we have had serveral opportunities to be reminded of this.

The week before a total of 34 tornados broke out in one day across the state. Last weekend a storm went through Oklahoma City, bringing with it baseball to softball size hail. If you have never experienced a severe hail storm it can be almost as devasting as a tornado. In the aftermath, birds could be found throughout yards wounded by the powerful force of the hail as it fell. Vinyl siding on homes was pulverized to nothing. Trees were stripped of their leaves. And a jogger who was caught out in the storm when it began was received severe injuries before he was able to seek cover. His back was covered in welts from the beating.

This last Wednesday, was another day when the state of Oklahoma was covered with the potential for big storms. At first I did not think much about it as being in such a place you tend to become complacent about it. Yet as the afternoon rolled around and the continuous storm updates were flashed across the tv, I began to become more aware of the potential. The first storm to spring up did so in a matter of minutes.  It was headed towards a town where Vincent's daughter lives, so I sent a text to tell her to be safe.  Soon after she calls me back telling me that she is not at home yet driving back from the city, going straight into the area where the storm is.  Fortunately the storms at this time were traveling slowly and she managed to arrive home safe before they reached her.

Although I complain at times about the continuous coverage of the weather on tv, on this day I was grateful.  At this time most of the weather was well north of me.  Still I prepared for what may come.  And in true form I was not disappointed.  A storm quickly started up south west of us and started to grow.  As it drew closer, the rain began.  Still reports were that it was not tornadic just a strong storm.  The rain continued to come down in buckets and soon the wind.  I could tell that circulation was happening due to the manner in which the rain was falling from all directions.  The tv had gone out yet I had my trusty weather radio and was able to listen to coverage. 

Just when I thought it may pass over us, a report came across the radio that a lowering was seen just a few miles of us and it was coming our way.  In the pouring rain, I leashed Winston who did not want nothing to do with going out in it, grabbed my purse and camera and headed to the cellar.  I listened as the sirens blew outside.  Still across the radio there were reports of a funnel sighted.  As the rain subsided and it became still I opened the door of the cellar.  Facing west, the sunshine could be seen peeking from behind billowy white clouds.  When I turned to the East, I could see the storm passing.  The yard was covered with water.  A total of 2 and a half inches fell in a matter of about 20 minutes.  A pale rainbow could be seen on the north side of the storm as it left. 

It was peaceful once again.  Such fury in so short of time, yet such tranquility immediately after.  The storms continued through the night further east yet were not as severe.  In total 16 tornados touched down.  Fortunately minor damage.  Just another spring day in Oklahoma

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Benjamin James

Twenty seven years ago today I lay in a hospital bed. My doctor, a man who loved cigars and tried frantically to smoke them while on rounds, would stick his head in occasionally to make sure I was ok. Eventually he sent me walking the halls and told the nurses not to call him until it was time. You probably have guessed that I was in labor and about to give birth. Yet this time was my first time. Little did I know that in a few short hours I would be holding my first born, Benjamin James, and screaming for some fried chicken.

BJ as we call him came into the world a strapping baby of 9lbs 9oz. Let’s just say his head paved the way for my next two that would come later in life. I was glad that I had a large baby. The idea of having a small little one of 6 or 7 pounds scared me. BJ came into the world half grown. I remember that summer spending many a day in the park beneath the shade of the large oaks that were scattered around. I would read to him and play him music as he slept his afternoons away. Needless to say he was nice and tan before the summer was over.

I still remember the first time I felt him move in my stomach. I was sitting in the college library, reading when I felt what was like a small flutter in my stomach. I did not think much at first yet when it occurred the next time I knew it was him. That pregnancy was magical to me. It was the first therefore everything that I experienced was new for me. I remember evenings sitting on my sofa and talking softly to him inside of me. Wondering and at times worrying about all that was about to happen to me. Yet I can honestly say it was one of the most wonderful times of my life and one I would never change or trade for the world.

Today BJ has grown to a strapping young man. He still has those deep blue eyes that seem to pierce right through you. His smile, when he gives it, could melt an iceberg. He always could get anything with that smile. He is still a quiet boy who loves life in his own way. He still loves good cooking and big dogs. (His fiancĂ©e Brandi is a great cook and he owns a pit bull and a mastiff) He still is my little boy. Funny… although he is my oldest he always seems to still be my baby.

So on this Cinco de Mayo,
I wish my little boy a big happy birthday.
You will never fully be aware of
just how much I truly love you dear.
You will forever be my sweet baby boy.
Love you Bunches

Friday, April 30, 2010

Thank Goodness It Is Friday

Although I greatly have been wanting to go outside this week and work in my yard Mother Nature has not been very supportive.  Monday and Tuesday were way cool with a nice breeze which made it feel even colder.  The next 2 days were just plain windy.  I love Oklahoma but really.... can't there be a rule where the wind can not blow more than 2/3 of the week.  Of course this weekend the wind is suppose to be lighter, but the chance of rain is increasing daily.   I have resorted to staying in the house and "trying" to accomplish some things that need to be done.  I have to admit that I have been having fun in the kitchen expermenting with my favorite new treat.  Meringues.... They are quite addictive and so easy.  I have been trying out some different flavors also.  Thank goodness they are not that bad for you....

Plus my homemade vanilla has been calling me.  I have used it in my cooking the last couple days and it is wonderful.  I was going to bottle it up to give away yet I am not sure if I will yet.  I think I will just make another bottle and keep this one for myself.  I do not think I will ever buy vanilla again in the store... This is way too good. 

Today the skys are cloudy, at least for the morning, and it is a bit cooler.  Yet they are to break later and the tempertures are to rise to the 80s.  The wind is still blowing yet I may still try and do some things outdoors.  I did manage to work 2 beds I was wanting to get to as well as plant some marigolds and sage.  Pictures to follow, I promise...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Wonderful Wednesday

Goodness but it seems that I do not write here as often as I used to.  Something I very much would like to change.  I have been busy that is for sure.  Working in my yard has taken up much of my time as well as trying to get all the things I may have to get done before I go to Tennessee to see my new grandson.

I have also been working in the kitchen.  Trying some new recipes out.  I have every intention of sharing them here when the time gives itself.  Of course I have been sure to have my camera handy while I have been testing these new items out so I will have plenty of good pictures to share with you.

Speaking of Photography, I have also been trying to get out more and shoot some photos.  Spring lends itself so well to such things.  The wildflowers have been coming up throughout the yard and they are definately something I love to photograph. 

Our new addition, Winston has also been taking up much of my time.  Although let me add here that he is a wonderful puppy and has been so easy to train.  Honestly I do not like to brag too much as I think as soon as I do he will remind me just what a puppy can be like.  Yet so far....he's been a dear (fingers crossed). 

So off again I go... In the kitchen this morning... once again trying some new recipes out, then its off to run errands, work in the yard, work a bit on the baby quilt, and read my book for my book review May 11.  Til next time....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nathan Has Arrived

What can I say, Isn't he just the most beautiful baby you have ever seen.  My newest grand baby was finally born.  Nathan finally decided to grace us with his presence Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 at 12:30 pm.  Coming in at a whopping 9 pounds 5 ounces.  Already he is making a grand entrance.  Baby and mom are doing great.... I can hardly wait to venture to Tennessee to hold the little sweetie.  Look at those hands.... More pictures to follow...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still No Baby

Still we are waiting for our grandson to finally come into the world.  He seems to be a stubborn one that will come when he is good and ready.  Krystle entered the hospital yesterday at noon and started her medicine to help induce shortly after.  By 2 am in the morning still no baby so they stopped procedures and allowed her to rest as well as the baby. 

He seems to be a bit turned and before commencing with inducing the dr. would prefer that he turns on his own.  So we wait.  I wondered if possibly he just wanted to be a Taurus instead of an Aries however there is not much difference between a Ram and a Bull.  Both have hard heads and both are stubborn. 

Be assured that as soon as any news comes it will be posted as well as pictures when available.  It is funny how hard we try sometimes to make things fit the way we want them to be yet there are times when no matter how hard we may try they will just occur when they are good and ready.