Monday, November 30, 2009

And So It Begins

Well Thanksgiving is past and we are about to embark on the second half of the holiday season.  Each year it seems that this time of preperation for the upcoming events begins earlier and earlier.  In my opinion this seems to drastically take away from the specialness of the holiday itself. Yet I do not think that this "tradition" will change anytime soon.

Christmas has become a commercial holiday whether we like it or not.  The black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that have become almost as popular as the 2 holidays that they fall between prove this.  Don't get me wrong I love a good bargain and I am not above trying to find a specific object at a great price especially in this time when funds seem to be tighter than normal.  Yet camping out a day or sometimes 2 before the event starts to verify that you will be able to charge that store at the front of the line just seems sort of wrong. 

Black Friday falls the day after Thanksgiving, thus if you do choose to camp out to secure your spot you will more than likely miss Thanksgiving dinner.  What a trade that is.  I would so much rather sit in the cold huddled in a pup tent eating cold food so that I may have a chance at one of the 2 or 3 items then store has marked way down.  Sitting around a table in a warm house with loved ones eating a wonderful hot meal does not sound at all pleasing to me compared to this... I can not help but think somewhere our priorities got a bit skewed. 

I can not talk to loud, Vincent & I put the lights up around the house a couple weeks ago, and my tree is already up.  While I was cleaning and preparing for company over Thanksgiving, I thought I would just kill 2 birds with one stone and get it out of the way... What an attitude.  Yea, it is done and I will not have to worry about it but still. 

I guess in truth the only way one can combat this growing trend (or should I say fungus) is to start within ourselves.  I truly do love the holiday season.  I love the cooking of all the Christmas goodies, the wrapping of the presents and writing of the Christmas cards.  I enjoy giving to those who are not as fortunate and help them to have a special Christmas, especially the children. 

I intend to start my holiday "traditions" tomorrow.  My Christmas cards will begin to be sent, the peppernuts, and gingersnaps will  begin to be made, and I will more than likely wrap a few presents and place them under the tree.  This year it is going to be very much a homemade Christmas, with very little of the high tech gadgets and such.  Although finances are the main reason for this, I think that it may become another "tradition" of mine.  It has helped me to realize the manner in which we have begun to trivalize this special time of year and to reflect more on the true meaning. 

As you start your "traditions" or continue them throughout the month of December, I wish you peace and warm wishes for quiet real Yule time. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A quick note for any and all who may be wondering where I have been lately or where I may be in the near future.... Our router went out on friday eve so we were without internet access over the weekend.... This happened the weekend before yet I thought it was just a fluke with service so did not get it looked at as I should have... One of those wonderful times when I was told "I told you so"....

Next of course is the mere fact that it is thanksgiving week and we are having a house full, so I am busy with cooking, cleaning... etc.. you know all the good stuff you get to do before family comes and visit.  I am excited about all the cooking yet know that it will take lots of time...

I will say that the to do list I spoke of last week, well it did get done and then some with the help of Vincent.... It is so nice having help..... If I do not have get the opportunity to write this week, I would like to wish any and all a wonderful thanksgiving week... I hope that it is filled with loads of delicious food, good times with friends and family, and quick and easy clean up time.... Til I venture thru again....

Friday, November 20, 2009

My To Do List

As this weeks draws to a close and once again I have not done "all" the things that I was wishing I would get done , I can not help but reflect back on  the things I did accomplish and be glad.  Not all of the things were items that were on my list at the beginning of the week, however in the end they ended up being just as important or more so then those I jotted down.

Granted I still have a bit more time left to see if I can complete all the items plus some on my list yet I know myself well enough to know that that will more than likely not happen.  (at least I am honest)  I am so glad that as time has passed in my life that I no longer fret about the things that go undone knowing that many times the things that seem to "come up" and take their place many times hold some importance that we do not know of.  I wish I would have learned this lesson earlier in my life. 

It is not that I did not know it, it is just that I was caught up in that thing we call "life".  You know all those things you just know you have to accomplish and have done.  I am not saying that this is such a bad thing, I am just saying that some of it is un-neccessary...Maybe it is just a thing you don't realize until you get older and a bit slower and you have more of an opportunity to look at life from a perspective of stepping back instead of being smack dab in the middle.  I am not sure, I am just glad that this clarity has come to me. 

I know now that it is the small things in life that are so precious... Those things we think will be there forever, that we take for granted.  We seem to especially do this with people.  If you are like me you do not necessarily like to think of someone no longer being with you yet the possibility is always there.  Life is a precious thing and something I think we very much take it for granted on a daily basis.  Yet it can be taken to even a more simplier formula.  The simple moments that we allow to fall through our fingers because we are just too busy.... the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, The feel of a warm breeze on our face, the joy of falling in the snow and making snow angels, the wonderful aroma that is there that first moment you open a fresh bag of coffee and the list could go on and on. 

It seems that each day brings the possibility of new stresses to our lives, new worries.  Whether it be political, financial, relationship related, and so on. It is crucial that we allow ourselves the time to be a little selfish and tend to our sanity.  In the end, we will be happy we done so.  Not just for what it will do for ourselves, but also how it will help us to be there for others who have not relized the importance of such times.  Have a wonderful weekend...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I know it is not my birthday until tomorrow yet I received the best present ever from Vincent.  For some time I have had a desire to start sewing.  Not that I am what one would call an expert, there was just a few things I thought I would like to try my hand at.  Most of them extremely basic.

Anyhow, imagine my surprise when I received the brother 900 d.  It not only sews it also embroideries.  It is strange to me still that so many things these days practically does all the work for you.... and yes this machine is no exception.  I am currently working on an advent calendar for my grandkids.  I think I may have bit off a bit more than I thought in the beginning yet it is great fun.  I will be sure and let all of you see when it is finished. 

Just wanted to share with you my joy... Have a great Wednesday....

Monday, November 16, 2009


The last couple weeks have been anything but like fall.  The temperatures were well into the 70's and a few times in the 80's.  The heater had not been turned on.  Flowers still bloomed through out the yard, even the new marigolds that sprouted from seeds I had scattered earlier.  I had began to wonder if it was ever going to get colder.  Yet mother nature did not disappoint me, as she never does.  Over the weekend, a nice front from up north blew itself down our way, It brought with it much colder temperatures (in the 40's) and a little bit of moisture.  Some were even lucky enough to see a few snow flurries.

I am glad as finally I feel a bit more in the festive mood.  It is always during this time when I start my cooking and such, and the warmer weather was making it hard to get into the mood.  Finally it feels like a good time to put on a big pot of chicken noodle soup and maybe whip up some home made bread... Finally I want to stay indoors and do all the things I need to because it is too cold to go outdoors.  Finally......

Although I will miss the warm temperatures in mid November; I look forward to the cold sleep of winter... Thanksgiving is next week and good foods are on the menu to be prepared.... If all goes well a few of the recipes will be shared here... Take care

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Early Christmas for Noah, Send Your Love!

I just had to share this with everyone as I knew you would want to take part if you have not already.  See below...

A little boy who is battling cancer is feeling the love from people around the world. Five-year-old Noah Biorkman is in the final stages of the disease. His family along with complete strangers are helping him celebrate Christmas early this year.

Noah's family will celebrate Christmas November 13 and 14 this year. Noah loves Christmas cards and what started out as a request for cards, has turned into a flurry of well-wishes from people all over.

The response has been overwhelming. In just one day alone, the Post Office in South Lyon delivered 80,000 pieces of mail.

David Priebe, the officer in charge of the Post Office in South Lyon, says he's never seen anything like it. He says even during the Christmas season the Post Office doesn't see this much mail.

Noah's South Lyon address spread fast on facebook and blogs with the address in South Lyon. Take note -there's been an address change, but you can still send your well wishes.

Send your card or letter to:
Noah Biorkman
1141 Fountain View Circle
South Lyon, MI 48178

A Wonderful Surprise - And It's Not Even My Birthday

Anyone who knows me, knows I love surprises even when I act like I don't...  And I have to say that today I received a wonderful one.  Next week is my birthday and with 2 of my three children living out of state I always know that means surprises in the mail.  The great thing about it is that my birthday is not boxed into one day.  And the other days that it may be are always a surprise to me as I don't know for sure when I will receive their well wishes.   Well today was one of those surprise days.  My middle son and his sweet fiance, who lives back east in Alexandria, VA sent me the most wonderful gift. 

 An orginal painting by Dorothy Kadosh.  It is so beautiful and the full moon just leaps out at you.  The tree is painted in some sort of three-d sense and wraps around the canvas making the picture even more vivid.  Dorothy is an artist from Pennsylvania.  She is also known for her work as a renowned Astrologer.  Her life sounds very interesting, I look forward to learning more about her as I am sure I will have to goggle her. 

Also in the box of surprises  was a small Chinese food container with a fortune cookie, 2 tiny oragami turtles, and a pair of beautiful silver & purple earings...  It was a wonderful start to the week before my birthday.  I guess turning 48 is not that bad after all.  A big thank you to Zac and Shannon for making my Thursday a bit more brighter.  Can't wait to see you all at Christmas.  Love you both bunches.....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Off Playing In the Leaves

Yes, I know I have not written in a while.  Yet the weather has been so nice it has been hard to stay inside... but then I said that the last time I wrote didn't I.  At least yesterday I was productive.  We went for a drive and ventured to Red Rock State park in Hinton Oklahoma.  It was a perfect day and since the park is located in a canyon the wind was non existent. 

Better still the trees were simply beautiful and still abundant with color.  Definately some of the most vibrant colors I have ever seen in Oklahoma.... I am glad that  I allowed Vincent to take me off and simply play yesterday as the weather is somewhat more dreary today and it is a much better day to be inside doing all the things I need to do to catch up.  I will say that I was able to shoot many new photos so be on the look out for then.  I am excited about sharing them. 

I also recently joined a group blog site entitled Soaring Through The World In Pictures.  It is an accumlative site where people through out the world share their photograghy views and photos.  I am quite excited to begin sharing.  Something else I need to do today.  Have a wonderful Wednesday and I promise to be more attentive to my Rantings blog in the days to come... I feel the cooking bug a coming.... blessings. 

Remember and Honor

Remembering those who gave so we could have
Veterans Day

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

The last week has been simply wonderful.  Temperatures well above normal and sunshine in abundance.  It has been difficult to focus on anything being done inside.  I will admit I have spent many an hour outside enjoying the unseasonable weather and at times doing nothing at all but just sitting and smiling.  Yet I know that this activity can not last much longer.  Just as the weather will surely turn colder to match the seasons, I will once again need to become busy.

It is the holiday run.  Or so that is how I look at this time.. Thanksgiving is not far away then Christmas will soon be close behind.  I love the festive season although I also dread it.  It seems that so much becomes somewhat of a rat race.  I have opted this year to make it a more rustic holiday.... Cooking, homemade things... Simple and down to earth.

I always enjoy tremendously cooking at this time of year.... The goodies are always so tasty and it warms the house.  Plus the aromas are heavenly.  The smell of cinnamon and cloves is one of my favorites. 

Look for many a recipe in the following weeks and also probably stories about memories past.  This is always a good time to reflect on our pasts as well as our present and to realize all we have to be thankful for.  Enjoy your Sunday. 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peace Be With You

What exactly is Peace?  All week I have been wondering what I would write about today.  I somewhat knew what I wanted to say, yet could I put it down in a way that would convey the message I was wanting to get across?  Sometimes, especially about things I feel passionate about, I tend to be a bit overly agressive with my views.  It is not that I want to come across as a know it all or someone who thinks only her views are right.  It is just that my convictions are so strong that I want so badly to be sure that I was able to get my message across.

I think that Peace can be defined in many ways by many people.  To some they see it as the state of a country.  Are they at war?  And even if they are not at war, how is their govenment running the country?  Is it fair?  To others it may be the status of their work place.  Is it comfortable?  Are the people freindly and is management fair and just in their treatment of their employees?  Still to others, it may be the enviroment of their home life.  Are they in an abusive marriage?  Are cruel words spoken on a frequent basis?  Is tension a constant companion to them? 

I myself feel that Peace needs to be found within oneself before it can ever be found elsewhere.  Chaos can be found all around us everyday.  And many times this is what the average person chooses to see.  The chaos of the person who pulled in front of you and steals the parking spot you "know" you saw first.  The chaos of 95% of television these days that choose to exploit violence or drag so called "reality" everything out as we as people just love to watch others suffer.  The chaos of allowing ourselves to be swayed by the words of someone elses anger and views rather than to seek out the information and come to our own conclusion.  And the list goes on.

Peace on Earth would be a beautiful thing... and in a perfect world we would have that.  And truly I do hope that one day it will be that way.  Yet I also know that before we can get there we need to realize the things that block us from achieving such a state and start doing something about it.  Getting rid of the bad to make room for the good so to speak. 

Asking yourself if you feel the war is necessary.  And if you feel it isn't making your voice and opinion known.  By no means do I mean to demean our troops with this statement.  There is nothing I feel is more admirable than one who serves their country.  In fact I feel it should be mandatory for all to serve.  Yet I feel it is an injustice to send them to war based on reasons that are unwarrented.  If anything disrepects them, I think this does. 

Standing up for those who lives are not peaceful and stop burying our heads in the sand and act like it does not exist.  There is violence everyday that occurs that goes unreported, unchallenged, unchanged.  Stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves, no matter where they come from, what color they are, or what they believe.  An injustice is an injustice.  It does not take such things into consideration before it occurs. 

And lastly look at yourself, what is your attitude?  We all have those days.... bad mood, bad hair, whatever... Yet many times we have a choice.  Make an honest effort to become more positive, more peaceful.  Realizing that much of this is based on what goes into oneself.  Garbage in... garbage out... yea I know it is corny and an old saying but sometimes it is just what we need to hear.  Stand up for what is right even if it costs you.  Stand up for what is just, even if it does not benefit you.  Stand up for Peace,  even when it means you may have to fight for it. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Muse - "Undisclosed Desires" Video Premiere

Many of you know that I am a die hard Muse fan.  Recently they released a new album - "The Resistance".  Personally I feel it is outstanding, yet I will admit that I tend to be partial.  However, I think that anyone would be amazed at the extreme talent of these 3 boys from Devon England.  Matthew Bellamy, lead guitarist and definate front man for the band is amazing.  (Can you tell he's my favorite).  He pushes the bar on all he does creating a style that is uniquely theirs.  Chris, the bass player as well as Dom the drummer interject their own methods creating sheer perfection.  I thought that it was time that I give you a chance to sample a bit of their music and make up your own minds.... Their 2nd single from their recent album is due out November 16th.... It is entitled "Undeclosed Desires"... Click the link and be prepared to listen to the next big thing....enjoy the sound...

Muse - "Undisclosed Desires" Video Premiere

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An Eventful Weekend - With a Little Bit of Everything

I could not help but venture outside this morning and snap a couple pictures of the beautiful full moon before it set in the western horizon.... It has been a beautiful thing to gaze at the last few evenings.  Our wonderful warmer temperatures for the first of November has kept the skys clear and clean.  Just as the Almanac predicted the first couple weeks of November are to be above average temperature with little moisture.  Yet the earlier rains of October were ample for filling our pond completely so the yard is looking wonderful.  The willows are  shedding their leaves continuously and I have decided to not even worry about trying to clean any up.  I like the golden color it gives the grass anyway.  It melds nicely with the still green grass below. 

Plus Sunny thinks he is quite camoflauged underneath its color.  To aid in his continuous hunt for the elusive egret that relishes in taunting him whenever he get a chance... It lends itself to afternoon entertainment when weather allows us to sit on the back porch . 

This time of year always lends itself to me being in the kitchen more... And it seems like this year I am enjoying it even more.  i have found and tried several new recipes.. Vincent is enjoying all the extra effort as he is my official taster.  For Halloween I made Sheep Herders pie with baked Acorn Squash (a new taste for me) and cinnamon roasted corn.  I know cinnamon & corn... but it really tasted quite good... Then I made my honey fairy cakes for desert with homemade whip cream... Needless to say we were quite fat and happy when it was all over....

Lastly, Vincent and I have been working on making runes out of the fallen willow from out many trees around the pond.  I hated to see it go to waste so we thought we would put it to good use.  They are turning out nicely and we are both enjoying tremendously the adventure it has brought us.  I have a feeling it may lead into other projects for the two of us.  Something I am quite looking forward to.  By the way I am giving away a set of the runes on Mother Moon my other blog.  If you are interested in entering... hit the link for details... Until next time, enjoy your day, may it be filled with many opportunities to realize your blessings.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

There is nothing like little kids all dressed up for Trick or Treat... Even better when those little kids are your grand kids... Had to share these 2 photos... what kind of a gg would I be if I didn't. 
Only thing missing was me to be there with them.. but distance has a way of doing that.  Want to also brag on my grand daughter and say that she was on the principal honor roll for this period of school as well as winning the art award for her overall grade.  This is the second time she has done this... I am quite proud of this little sweetie... She loves school which I think is a great thing... But enough bragging from GG.  I will leave it at that.