Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday

There is no better feeling for a mother than to feel that her children have grown up well and have found someone good to share their lives with.  I have been blessed to have that for all of my children.  It is something I am very thankful for. There are attributes in all of them that compliment the other and a happiness shared by all. 

My son in law is celebrating his birthday today and I would just like to wish him a happy birthday along with warm wishes.  Not only is he a fantastic daddy to my 2 grandkids and (one on the way)... a great friend and husband to my daughter... and a son in law any mother in law could love... he also is a Captain in the United States Army

I am thankful for all he gives to his family, yet also thankful for all he gives to his country.  Happy Birthday Jon!!

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