Friday, June 26, 2009

Sunrise or Sunset

There is nothing more beautiful then the moments before the sun breaks on the horizon. The colors seem to dance across the sky as if to announce the beginning of a yet another opportunity. The optimism that there is still time to say all the words that we have always wanted to say to those who mean so much to us and possibly even those who don't. Still time to begin or finish all those projects that are lingering in the wings. Still time to pursue that lifelong dream we have never quite had the courage to chase. A sunrise gives a feeling that there is still time... there is still hope.

Morning has always been a favorite of mine. The smell and taste of that first cup of coffee. The sounds of the day as it awakens once again to start all over. Yes, I am a morning person. And I do prefer a sunrise over a sunset. It is not that I do not think that a sunset can be a sight that is undescribably beautiful. I have seen the western sky painted in orange, pink and purple as if reaching across in an attempt to touch the other side. I have seen thunder heads billowing high against the western sunset lined with the last light of day tracing its outer edges as if to announce some majesty about to arrive. It is more what a sunset represents to me: The ending of a day. The entrance into the darkness of night. Don't get me wrong I love the nighttime too. Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you that a full moon rising is one of my favorite things to watch.

Many times conversation has developed over the choice of which is more beautiful. A task that truly I think both sides could argue. Eventually it comes down to ones preference. The next time you find yourself outside on an early morning and the sun is beginning to peek across the horizon, consider my view. Think on the things that you "still" want to do. Those words, those actions, those dreams you would love to pursue. Til next time....


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