Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grandchildren - There is nothing more to say

In truth, there is so much to say. A grandchild is similar to your own child yet in ways better. Most grandparents would probably agree. Possibly it is because one is just older and a bit wiser from their stumbles through raising children themselves. Maybe it is the way a grandchild hangs on every word a grandparent says. They seem to think that a grandparent is wonderful, the best, they could stay with them forever.

The blessing of Kylie & Brexton has been just that... A true blessing. Although never did another thought or consideration ever pass through my mind. There is so much wonderment in a child. From birth til say about 6 or 7. Until they have gone out into the world more and there are other influences to take their mind in other directions. Their minds are open canvases. Every thing around them in some way impacts them. It is here at this time when one is most moldable. Their mind is free from judgement. They are free from the non-believer syndrome. Anything can be true in a child's mind... Their imagination is endless.

Often I wondered why my children knew things about my mother that I didn't. Until one day when I walked in to find my mother with my children telling them stories of her childhood. Something that she had never done with me. It seemed so effortless for her to let them see her as she really was. They watched her as she told the story much like Kylie would watch me when I told her stories of the past. Her interest just as intense and focused as my older children on their granny. It is this relationship that taught me so much. Not only did it teach me a wonderful form of love - that of a grandparent and a grandchild, but it also taught me that it is special and unique. It was not a gift that was just for myself to share with my grandchildren, yet for any grandchild to share with their grandparent.

Fondly memories of my own grandmother came back. Of sleeping on her sofa and waking up to the low hum of morning AM radio, the smell of fresh boiled coffee on the stove, and the sight of her milling around the kitchen quietly preparing breakfast. So many things I remember of my grandmother... Precious memories that I will forever hold close to my heart. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that someone will hold similar feelings for me hopefully one day.

There are many names given to grandmothers. Names such as Grandma, granny, Nana, MaeMae or mema. I have been graced with GG. I don't really know where it came from, I only know it is who I am. I look forward to the many more times I am allowed to share with my grandchildren as well as the great, and great-great grandchildren to come. Each one precious in their own special way. It has been and I am sure will be one of the biggest blessings I will ever experience.
Peace & Love

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  1. There is nothing like a sleeping baby in your arms. And better still when its your grandbaby