Friday, June 19, 2009

What Exactly is a Rant?

I am sure all know the definition of a crazed woman.. Oh sure each definition may vary slightly in how one actually sees the crazed woman... Wild eyes, crazy hair.... Maybe screaming... Well rest assured I am none of those... Ok... maybe I am but very rarely am I all three at the same time... The rantings... Well that comes from my love to talk... and probably to have an opinion on everything.. Yet don't we all.. I mean really if given the opportunity wouldn't we all have something to say about something... Plus I am one of those people that think over everything. Over analyze is what my husband calls it, among other things.

Therefore I have created my blog... So that I can share my rants... They range from serious to funny.. from heartfelt to just stupid.. yet I think the best thing that a person can do is to think.. And even better to think for themselves. I was a timid child growing up and so instead of interacting with others most of the time I just sat back and observed. You may say how sad, however it has taught me so much... It helped me to understand some things much earlier than I think I would have normally, if ever thought about... It also made me a good listener. Maybe not a good listener in the way that you would normally think, but one who listens to all the things around them. Even the little things that alot of times go unnoticed. I learned that one can learn so much from those little things. How a person really feels... what they may be thinking...

I dont want to get to into too much as it will probably only confuse. My hope is to contribute to this on a daily basis... If nothing more than to help with my writing (something I have loved and done for most of my life) as well as just give me good practice.. If others read it... great!! If they manage to get some positiveness from it.. even better!! If they have issues with it or a differing opinion..... Perfect!!! I hope they feel the urge to comment on it. I am always open to new views, ideas and suggestions. I will be the first to admit that I am far from perfect and even further from knowing evrything about everything.. I said I had an opinion.... not that I knew it all.

So in saying that... I am off to write another day... (hopefully tomorrow) I can promise stories on just about any subject you can think of.. And some you may not know of... I also take requests.. Or at least will try.... I look forward to this venture.. As is all I do... I hope it is a challenge... I know it will teach me new things... and Im ready for the ride...


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