Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Turning to the Left

Once again I find myself at a fork in the road. Looking at two paths in front of me and trying to make the right decision as to which one I should follow.

To my right is a path that is rather easy to follow. It is well lit and clear of any major obstacles that might hinder me along the way. I do not anticipate anything that would make this journey overly difficult. I have to admit that it does not have the best scenery, as it is kept from the edge of the mountain as to keep its journeyer safe and away from any harm that could befall him. There are moments on the journey where there are resting spots where I might relax for a time of my choosing. Never will I be required to continue on necessarily. I could stay in that resting spot as long as I would desire. Definitely this would be the easier of the two paths.

To my left is another path. It is not as lit by the sunlight as the prior. Dark trees can be seen from its entrance folding over the pathway to keep most of the days light from sight. Traveling this path would not be as easily done as the other. I would need to keep focused as to where I was going and maintain a steady course to my final destination. There are not as many stops along the way that would lend me the ability to rest, even though rest would be needed much more in this journey as in the other. Stopping for too long of a time could bring all kinds of mishaps to my journey. Sudden storms that arise with the ability to through one completely off course. Other things that may hide in the darkness of the shadows that if given the ability could leap out and catch one off guard. These are all possibilities that could arise from too long of rest time. however I know that the sites that are along the way are beyond imagination. As the path is said to pass on the outside of the mountains edge and overlook the area, the view is beyond breathtaking. It is those sites that I have so longed to see. Few have had the courage to attempt to view them. Some who have tried, have turned back and others lost attempting to do so. The path is said to be most treacherous at these points, and are the most difficult times along the journey.

So as said before, I find myself at this point of decision. Which to choose. My rationality tells me that it would be best to stick to the safe trail. This choice will assure me that I have a safe travel and that no dyer events overtake me. Standing at the age I am now, most say that this would be the wise decision. There is no reason to put myself into harms way unnecessarily if I do not truly need to.

However, my heart and so much more of my being... my very soul... wants to leap forward and run down the dark hidden path. For I know that it truly holds all that I have ever wanted when I do eventually reach its end. And even if I do not reach the final destination the sites that I would behold merely by attempting its travel are more than I could ever hope to see along the other. It is much like jumping off into the darkness. Now really knowing what lies beneath you as you fall through its cool breeze. Yet if the stories are true, if you reach that which you are aiming to reach it is well worth the effort. Many have made the attempt only to fall short. Yet still they turn around and try again until they have mastered its course. I want to be like those travelers. I want to follow my dream that sits deep inside of me. To eventually find it at the end of my trip. And likewise if unable at first, to try try again until at last I complete it or pass on to the next phase of that which we call life.

Thus I begin... My first steps towards my left. Some will think me daft and quite crazed. Some will call me mad yet secretly wish they too were along the path with me or on their very own path to the left. Others will cheer me on. Fondly remembering when they made the decision to step to the left. I do not know what exactly lies before me... The anticipation is refreshing and in a fearful kind of way, I look forward to its challenges. Knowing that whatever the outcome I have made the right choice.


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