Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cleaning the Closet

It is funny sometimes how we try so hard to what we feel to be the "right" thing. Sometimes our efforts lead us to do exactly the opposite. Either that or the end product does not come out in a manner that is exactly pleasing to us or what we wanted to show to those around us.

It seems at times all of us have wavered from what we felt to be led to do because it did not seem to fall exactly into the guidelines of what we thought to be proper. We can blame this on so many things. Wishing to fit into the crowd, our knowledge of the situation was skewed in some way. There are many ways to skin a cat as they would say. None of them exactly being the only way you should or could do it.

I am sure that there are times when my reaction of choice of dealing with a situation is not what some or possibly even many may think to be the wisest of choices. Yet it is my choice to make. Any consequences, good or bad, that may come of it are mine to shoulder. And believe me I have had my share of bad choices and messes to clean up. Haven't we all?

My acceptance of this fact and the realization that I don't have to please everyone around me has cleared out much of the clutter that had been in my mind before. It is much like cleaning out an old closet. Getting rid of the things that you "truly" don't need. Holding on to those things that are precious or may be of some use at a later time. I have learned that trusting my own intuition is of the utmost importance. I listen and seek out wise counsel. In fact I would say I crave it. I know the value of the wise and aged and also the simple truth of the young. I know the nuggets of gold that each of them possess within them to share if we only will listen. These moments I cherish and only wish for more.

So.. I urge you, to trust yourself. Trust the gifts that have been given to you to hold... to share... Do not hide yourself away or think yourself more important than others. Seek the path that you are called to follow and begin your journey.

Wishing you a blessed day


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  1. Another inspiring message Janie.

    Intuition is what it often is about. Yet at times we do not take time to find what is in our intuition and make a choise which afterwards appears to be not the right one. Some times we could not know beforehand but when we do and we realise it was a wrong one, we can learn from it when we do some self-realization.

    Paramahansa Yogananda says about it
    Intuition is a soul guidance, appearing naturally in man, during those instants when his mind is calm'

    I 'always' follow my intuition and also recognize that when i don't and let someone else influence my thoughts which makes me go another route, often I realise afterwards that I should have used my own intuition. Not always of course, but we know when.