Thursday, July 2, 2009


Lowly in the quiet moments
at the ending of a day
When the sunshine slowly falters
and the day is on its way

I sit back and softly ponder
all the things that I have done
All the pain that I am feeling
All the passion, all the fun

There are lessons, each one special
for to me they sure have shown.
Things that make me search much deeper
to myself, I know I've grown

Some are hard and are quite painful
piercing deep within my heart
Taking some dark hidden corner
tearing...ripping... it apart

Others warm and oh so soothing
makes me smile just to think
Of the laughter and the closeness
And the memories that they make

I will hold each memory dearly
I will cherish each one true
For when I look back and find them
I look back and I find you
Content Copyright 2009 - Janie Sheik - All rights reserved

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  1. and this is why I love you so...xov