Monday, July 13, 2009

Would you like some Whine with that Cheese

I tend to be a black and white person... What I mean by that is that when given a situation there is this solution or that solution. Well maybe not entirely... There are some matters where there are grey tones that may need to be considered. Yet when it comes to one's situation that they tend to cry too much over, I sometimes tend to get a bit harsh. It is not that I am not compassionate I consider myself to be greatly compassionate... sometimes too compassionate. I know... how can I be both.. Let me explain.

When a person is truly struggling... they are going thru a time in their lives when things are totally upside down. At times it seems like they are using every ounce of strength they have to just get out of bed. I am compassionate... Why? Because they are trying. They may not be doing a very good job to some, but they are trying.

When a person is in a situation that is really of their own doing.... They seem to enjoy too just sit in their muck and cry to anyone who will walk by them, about how terrible their lives are. Even if someone comes with a crane to lift them freely from their despair, (figuratively speaking)... they still decline the offer, as it is just something that they can't do at the moment. Then continuing with their whining to others who will listen, they go on as if nothing is different. With these people I tend to get a little annoyed.

I understand that each person has their own limit to the trials that ail them. That what I may see and consider nothing to some is downright terrible to some and even less important to others. It is all a perspective from ones own view. However I also think that there are many out there who enjoy to just sit in their despair. They enjoy the attention it gives them for others to come and coo over them and say nice things to them. To some it may be the only positive attention they receive, healthy or not. Many believe that no one can come close to understanding the ordeal that they are undergoing, even those who have had similar situations or worse.

There are many out there who could sit down with these people and compare stories. In doing so they could show them what true tragedy and true turmoil is. There is ALWAYS someone out there who has it worse than you. Anyone who refuses to believe that is doomed to live a miserable life of unnecessary unresolved conflicts. Or they just enjoy being a sour puss, cry baby, or whatever you want to call it.

I have never been one who enjoys someone who comes up to me and says "I know "just" how you feel." When I know damn well that they have no idea how I feel. Saying this, I don't want to sound like I am saying that I understand every one's issues and that I have the authority to say whose is creditable and whose is not. It is just that as of late I have had a little of the Whine & Cheese take on things. Not only from others yet even a little from myself.

It is hard sometimes accepting things. Especially when it is something that we don't necessarily want to accept or would like to change just a little to better fit us. Yet sometimes we come to that point where we have to say to ourselves.... It is what it is. Ask yourself what can "you" do to change or help the issue? Then do what you can and the rest, well it will be what it will be.... Good or bad. It makes little sense to me that someone would want to continually be in a situation that is nothing but a struggle for them when they have the power within themselves to possibly change it and they have taken no steps to do so.

In closing... I leave you with some words from a wise man I know....

Since our problems have been our own creation
They also can be overcome
When we use the power provided
free to everyone.
Peace & Love
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  1. I like this post. Hard to feel sorry for someone who wont help themselves.

    People should get a free pass to bitch about each crappy thing just once, to get it off their chest. Then they cant grip about the same thing again.