Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Willow, Turd & Emma

I am sure that as you looked at the title of this entry you wondered what in the world.... These are the names of the 3 kittens you see in the picture above. Before I go any further I think that I need to give some background or one will be completely lost.

I am an eternal sucker when it comes to strays. I honestly think that there are people out there who know this and at times have told others (or done it themselves) to drop any strays they may have at my doorstep, as I can not turn them away and will surely care for them and see that no harm befalls them. That being said.... I currently have 9 cats that I am feeding. Two of them I got from my son and did it knowingly. At the time I did not have any cats and I have always been a cat lover. Sweetie and Sunny came into our home last fall. Sunny, a large orange tabby tom who is just a prince. Sweetie, a smaller brown and black female tabby whose real name should be bitchy. She has a look that could kill. Needless to say they have been spayed & neutered.

There has always been a stray momma cat around that seems to keep me supplied with little ones. Her litter from last year produced a black tom that comes and goes and a long hair gray calico who is a bit mental. Momma kitty had kittens in March and from her we received 4 kittens. Two of these kittens we were able to give away when air conditioner repair man came in early summer. Another was tragically killed on the road in front of our house. Leaving one still here. A long haired black kitten. It starts to get a bit confusing here. The gray calico had kittens later. This is where Willow, Turd, & Emma come in. This was the grey cats first litter so she was not too good with them. I brought them in because I did not want them to be wild and crazy like their mother.

As time has passed and the kittens have grown I have realized that I need to lower my number of cats. I attempted to take them to a second chance shelter yet they are full and are not accepting any at this time. I attempted to take them to the shelter in the closest town that has one, yet was advised that they can not take any animals from towns other than theirs. I have considered getting all these cats fixed via a group of vets that will do it at a low and reasonable price. However I did do this once before only to have all the cats suddenly disappear.
Thus I am left with my delima of what to do. More than likely I will take them all in once again and have them spayed and neutered and wait once again for the air conditioner repair man or whoever to come so that I can coax him into taking more. Oh yea, and by the way, the momma cat .... She is once again pregnant. I guess there is a sucker born every minute...
Peace & Love
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