Thursday, July 9, 2009


At any given moment the moon is shining down on half of the world. It is our closest celestial neighbor and many believe that when the moon is full it can influence many aspects of our everyday life. Such as an increase in the number of women who go into labor and give birth. Yet some believe that the moon can have a great influence on us at all times, through all of its phases.

There are five phases of the moon. The first phase is the New moon which is also at times called the Crescent moon. We know it best as that little sliver of silver that hangs in the sky. Many believe that this is the best time for making any changes that we wish to be positive, such as new career opportunities, or the planting of gardens that will be harvested at a later time. This phase of the moon is thought to encourage new beginnings, new relationships and/or new goals.

Next is the Waxing phase of the moon. The moon is growing and between the the size of the new and the full moon. It is understood then that this phase is a good time to focus on increasing things for yourself. Examples would be your knowledge, relationships, and/or financial situation. It is said to be a good time to consider conceiving a child if that is something you wish in you future. This phase is also said to promote healing.

The full moon is the most common to most of us. It is also considered to be the most powerful phase of the moon. This is when the entire moon shows herself to us. It is a time of fulfillment, for getting ones act together. There is said to be heightened psychic ability at this time. Many believe also that the veil between life and death is thinnest at this time and if you are one who believes in spirits and wish to see or speak to them that this is when it should be done to reach your best results. Many cultures gave the full moon of each month a special name to express what the moon meant to them at this time. Examples: March - Storm Moon - signifying the thawing of the earth bringing renewal of life. August - Corn Moon - signifying the earth giving of its harvest, full bellies and hope for continuance. Once each calendar year there will be a month in which 2 full moons will occur. This is known as a blue moon. The Blue moon for 2009 will occur on December 31, 2009, New Years Eve.

The Waning moon is as the moon has past the stage of fullness and is once again decreasing in size and illumination. This is said to be a time of release, letting go, or completion. It is said to be an very good time to start a diet, if there is a good time. Also the breaking of any bad habits or bad relationships should be dealt with during this period.

The last phase is the Dark Moon. This is when the moons' face is covered completely and is not visible to mans eye. This phase lasts anywhere from two to three days. Many consider the dark moon and the new moon the same phase. This is said to be a good time to get rid of anything in your life that you do not want. It is also considered a good time to find time for oneself or a time for self reflection.

Regardless of your belief, one thing I am sure we can all agree on is the enjoyment we get gazing at the moon. It has long brought ideals of romanticism, mysticism, and simple delight. Currently we are in the Waning phase of the moon. The full moon, or the Hay moon named for July, past us a couple days ago. If you decide to go out this evening and gaze upon her, she will still shine down a warm glow of nightly illumination. Enjoy



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