Tuesday, August 25, 2009

French Fries & Coffee with Cream

When I first started writing this, it was my intention to somehow help those who knew me and others who would eventually know me to possibly understand me a bit more. You see I am not the easiest person to get to know... At an early age, I was a very timid child and kept to myself most of the time. There were reasons for such behavior yet that is something that I do not necessarily want to dive into today. However because of this kind of character, I have always been the kind of person who stands back and observes. Slowly inching my way forward until I feel comfortable enough to dip my toe into the water. And believe me... sometimes this can take a while.

Because of this behavior, I have been considered aloof, recluse, snobbish, and just plain wierd... All of which I dont really consider myself... Ok.. maybe the last one, but only at times... In looking over the entries although I do believe that they give insight to me, I wondered if they gave enough..... I guess it is time that occasionally I write a bit more personal...

I spoke earlier that I was an observer. I am sure you know what I mean. The kind of person who just sort of sits back and watches. I have to say that it can be extremely insightful. I have learned that in doing this, one can find out so much about a person.... People like to tell you who and what they are, yet I think that many do not realize that they can say alot of things, yet it is their actions that will truly paint the truer picture.

In the town where I grew up, my mother cleaned the bank on a weekly basis. Since I was too young to attend school I accompanied her. The banker and his wife, took a liking to me, seeing that they themselves did not have children of their own. Each week, while my mother cleaned, Mr. Pate would see it as his duty to give me something to do. This could be a variety of things.

Sometimes we would go across the street to the local cafe where he would get me french fries and a cup of coffee. I have to say that it was more milk than coffee. To this day I still drink my coffee the same. He taught me to never drink my coffee with my spoon in the cup. Not only was this unmannerly, it also had the possibility of poking my eye out. Mr. Pate also felt an obligation to see that I was a proper little girl. In the closet next to his office he kept a nail file and nail polish remover. He did not feel it was appropriate for little girls to wear nail polish, so if needed he would clean my nails of any polish and file my nails down to an acceptable length.

Mr. Pate was a grandfather figure to me. That is the manner I remember him most. A kind man who was thoughtful and good. Not only to me did I see these actions exhibited yet to many others whom I watched him interact with.

Some thought the manner of his attention towards me was odd. In later days I even found out that others thought it more than odd and decided to add their own gossip and stories to the mix. I found this revelation sad and it greatly angered me. Yet, people will be people, especially in a small town. When there is no news to pass, there is a good chance that someone will think of something to talk about while they sit around the pool hall or coffee shop.

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