Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Womans Kitchen

There is something about a woman’s kitchen. You can feel its energy as you enter. There are some that feel warm and inviting and give a feeling of comfort and solace. I remember my grandmothers kitchen in this way. It was a place of pleasant memories and wonderful dishes that had been prepared out of love for those she cared for. I believe most of us can recall such memories, whether it be from our grandmother, moms, or others who have touched us throughout our lives.

The kitchen has long been considered a sacred place. In earlier times the kitchen was considered an honored place of the home. It was the first area of a home to be built as it held the hearth or home fire. The hearth fire was seldom allowed to die out as it symbolized the heart of the home. Most of us are not fortunate enough to have a true fire built hearth in out kitchens. In today's world this is somewhat impractical so we settle for a gas or electric stove. Yet still it represents the same. Although for those who have used both, (gas or electric) the use of a gas stove is preferred. There is something about the sight of the actual flame burning as opposed to an element turning red and distributing heat.

In today's society it has become a time of quickness. There seems not to be the time it takes to prepare a “real” meal. Kitchens have become smaller in some cases and the microwave has taken the place of the oven. It is the simplicity of the boxed and/or frozen dinner that has lured many away. Not to mention the wonderful fast food revolution. Restaurants where you merely stop by on the way home and pick up take out, not considering the ingredients used, the nutritional value or the cleanliness of the place or its employees. Yet there are still those who practice the old ways. They have learned that even though one may have to do a little extra work, the result of their efforts can be well worth it. Not only is the taste so much more real, the nutritional and health value is better. Plus you know whether or not you washed your hands after using the restroom earlier that day.

Cooking has long been a passion of mine. There is something about taking the time and energy to gather and combine items in a matter to create something delightful for others. A true lover of the kitchen knows exactly what I am speaking of. Growing your own items to be used, cleaning and preparing it as needed, then the actual cooking and serving the dish you have prepared. In each act it is as if one injects a piece of themselves. Thus when given to others it is as if you are presenting yourself.

The memory of my grandmothers fresh baked plum pudding, my Aunt Inez home made chicken and noodles, or the way my mother could make a potato taste wonderful no matter how she prepared it, are all perfect examples. Maybe it is just because I love to eat and the taste of some foods can just make me smile all over… And I know there are those of you out there who know exactly what I am talking about. Consider yourself lucky when you have the opportunity to either experience these moments again and/or you have the time to share of yourself and give the gift to others. It is a bit of a lost art…

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