Monday, August 24, 2009

Good News

Since my grandchildren have moved out of state, much of my communication with them is in the form of letters and/or phone calls. I always look forward to talking to them on the telephone. I love trying to discern what it is my grandson is trying to tell me about each time. I am learning slowly his telephone talk, as he is quick to let me know when it is that I am wrong. My granddaughter is much more articulate and we have had some good conversations.

This last weekend, once again we had our weekend talk. However this time there was good news to be told. When my granddaughter called I could hear the excitement in her voice. Something must have happened at school or with one of her friends I thought... Maybe at her tumbling class. I could not have been farther from the truth. As she took the receiver from her mother to talk to me, she quickly blurted out the news... Momma is going to have a baby. Of course she wants a little sister, seeing that she has already had the "joy" of a little brother. A little sister in her mind would just be too much fun.

She has already began thinking about names for the baby. Of course they are all girl names. I asked her if the baby would sleep with her. She stated, "Only after she is potty trained. Until then she can sleep with my brother." Speaking of her brother, he informed me that he is "super excited too." Although I have a feeling that when April rolls around and a new little one is the center of attention that he may change his mind a little.

Needless to say I am also "super excited".

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  1. Hi Janie

    What a beautiful story and how sweet and funny how the kids react to this news.

    Congrats to you :)