Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mother Moon

On a cool November eve,
After setting of the sun.
As the twilight hastens forth,
And the night has just begun.

In her brilliance forth she comes,
Lifting from the east
Shining forth for all to see,
From grandest down to least

Upward slowly as she climbs,
Into the darken sky
Shedding glow to all below,
From her pedestal on high

She is known as mother moon,
And full this night she be
In all her glory forth she comes,
And shines her light on me

Her strength is felt deep in my soul,
Her guidance in my heart
Shes been with me for many years,
Yes from the very start

Each month I watch her come and go,
From waxing thru to wane
Her movements guide me thoroughly,
Thru loses and thru gains

My mother moon, my dearest friend,
To you always be true
For you have been there all for me,
I give myself to you.

Content Copyright 2009 - Janie Sheik

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