Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Simple Yummy Snack

Recently while talking to my youngest son, he commented on how much he enjoyed the recipes each week. He also added that he had not tried any of them, he just enjoyed reading them. This statement got me to wondering if possibly the difficulty was too much for him.

This week I have chosen something that is by far one of my favorite foods to eat through out the summer. It is good for a snack, a meal whatever. The best thing about this food is that it is so low in calories so really you don't have to feel guilty about eating it. Even having seconds can not hurt you. Best of all, it is as simple as simple gets

I am talking about a sliced tomato sandwich. I learned this recipe from my mom, being the proper German she is. Take a slice of rye bread, I prefer the Jewish rye as it is lighter than pumpernickel and not as many seeds. Russian Rye is also good. Lightly butter the bread. Personally real butter is my preference. Lightly pepper. Thinly slice a tomato as to cover the bread then lightly once again salt and pepper the tomato.

That is all there is too it. Simple.... fast... and totally delicious. Roughly 80-100 calories depending on the type of bread you use. One note: If you feel you do not like rye bread and attempt to use wheat or white, be forewarned that you will not achieve the same taste. The rye bread is a large part of the wonderful taste of this sandwich and its denser texture lends itself nicely.


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