Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Loss of Wonderment

To many, living the modern life means dealing with daily stresses brought on by deadlines, worries, and a number of other things. There seems to be no time to just stop and listen to the world around us. There always seems to be something that distracts us from taking the time to stop and with all the senses we have experience the moment.

Yet also with this faster pace there have come new ways to cope. No longer does one need to grow and harvest their own food, wondering if the yield will be plenty to sustain them throughout the time needed. There are now supermarkets where one can easily go at anytime and purchase any and all they may need. Why take the time to walk in the quiet woods where the wild flowers grow freely and abundantly, gathering some to take home to admire and remind you of your solace. One can always go to the nearest florist and purchase a multitude of flowers that have been purposely grown in conditions which have been altered. Of course, the advantages that have come to us through the years are helpful and naturally one would not wish to do away with them. However they have come with a price.

We have lost our sense of wonderment. We find the need to work that extra overtime rather than come home and spend time with our family. We choose to stop and pick up take out, rather than fixing a fresh home cooked meal. We stay indoors on a beautiful summer eve as to not miss an episode of the latest reality show on television rather than sit out on the back porch and admire the uniquely beautiful sunset as it paints the sky in pale pinks, oranges and purples.

It is a choice one makes within themselves, whether to take the extra time to experience such joys. Yes, there are those times when it is not a possibility, however in most cases there is no reason that the later of the choices mentioned cannot be taken. Such action could actually help one to deal with the rat race a little more easily. It is hard to believe that one would argue that sitting in a comfortable reclined lawn chair, iced drink in hand, watching the beauty that mother nature can exhibit would be a stressful thing to endure.

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