Monday, August 10, 2009


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Another week is upon us and I look at all the things that I have to be done... Much is the normal things... housework, yard work, etc... Yet there is that pile of other things... you know the things that you have good intentions of eventually getting to, yet it just never seems to get completed. My pile seems to keep growing...

None of the things in the pile are exactly pressing or of any time limitation, however they are all things that I would like to work on and eventually complete. Much of the reason that I have not lent the time that I usually do to this stack of growing items, is that Vince has been home more than often this year and so much of my excess time (and some of my non-excess) has been given to him... I am not exactly sure why it is hard for me to stay on schedule when he is home, yet it is... A conclusion that I have to just accept as fact.

However, this weekend his older brother and him are planning on a long bike ride down to New Mexico to visit with their little brother. Although I would love to be on the back of the Harley for a nice long trip, I am also looking forward to the solitude... A few days with silence and possibly some time to do a little work to that pile I mentioned previously. I do not think I am exactly what some may refer to as a hermit, yet I do like to have my time alone occasionally.

Having the entire bed to myself, for a few days, is nice. Not having to cook if I don't necessarily want to... although that is really not something that is a bother to me.. as I love to tool around in the kitchen and make things... Watching my TV programs....or just turning it off if I want to... It will be nice... Yet I am sure when the few days are coming to their close that I will be happy to see him when he returns from his trip.

The pile of things that need to be done.... Well to be honest I am not sure how much of that I will get to... Some I am hoping, although I am honest in knowing that I may not even touch it... Spending most of the time I have doing other things I feel are more pressing and the things I would like to work on once again being put to the side, waiting for that moment when there is more time to work on it... Ah... the life of a procrastinator.....

Enjoy your Monday

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  1. I recognise the 'pile'.

    I recognize the growing pile.

    In my case the pile consists of business issues I make a habit of pushing aside for 'a later and better moment'. Sometimes I can hear Paul Mccartney sing; I was only waiting, for a better moment, that didn't come, there never could be, a better moment, than this one, this one.

    Yet the will play another song and leave the growing pile for 'later'.

    The good thing I try to convince myself of, is once two of the pile things are taken off and handled and finished, it brings adrenaline in to me and a proud feeling. I push away the thoughts of doing it right away in stead of piling it, which I know will give a greater feeling of adrenaline, but especially when it concerns administrative issues my bad pile side wins.

    Will I ever learn? I wrote a note on that's somewhere in the... yes, pile lol.

    I also recognise the feeling of having space and time and solitude. I love that as well and as of next Monday I will have more of that again since after 4 weeks of vacation my recious wife will return to work again with joy, and since I mainly work from home, i will have the place to myself again.

    So I also have some of these little thingies apart from the bed one, but also will look forward to her coming home again in the late afternoon.